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Originally part of Surrey, Croydon was incorporated into Greater London in 1965 and is now home to over 360,000 people. As with many other areas of London, it has seen an increase in alcohol and drug dependency over recent years. In 2020, Public Health England reported that Croydon had the third-highest rate of drug-related hospital admissions in London. Unfortunately, this is not the only way addictions affect life in the area. As of 2021, there were an estimated 5,300 dependent drinkers and users of opiates and/or crack in this London borough.

Given the growing problem of drug and alcohol addiction, there has been a proliferation of counselling and support services to help those affected by substance misuse.

The devastating effects of addiction can be felt across the country, and Croydon is no exception. It’s heartbreaking to see so many lives being ruined by substance misuse and other addictive behaviours. But there is hope; more and more individuals are finding help in the form of addiction counselling. If you, like many others in south London are struggling with an addiction to a substance or behaviour, we are here for you. CATCH Recovery’s main building is a quick ride away in the London Borough of Kensington, while our online therapists are available 24/7 for your needs.

  • About Croydon

    Croydon is a vibrant borough in south London, full of life and energy. Spanning from Addington Village to Purley Downs and from South Croydon to Thornton Heath, this populous corner of the capital offers something for everyone. With its rich history, cultural attractions, entertainment venues and shopping centres, it’s easy to see why so many people call Croydon their home.

    Whether you’re in the area visiting family or friends or even if you’re looking for a new place to live or work, you’ll find plenty to do in this lively borough. Travelling to and from this borough is easy as there are several stations linking Croydon with the rest of London and nearby towns. However, keep in mind that the London Underground (Tube) network does not extend here. and the nearest station by rail is Balham, on the Northern Line, and by Tramlink is Wimbledon, on the District Line.

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Addiction Counselling in Croydon

If you or someone you care about is living with an addiction in Croydon, help is available. Addiction counselling is a form of therapy that can provide the opportunity to gain control over your life and make positive changes. Our counsellors provide support and guidance during this process by helping you learn and relearn coping skills, exploring behavioural patterns, building self-confidence and helping you understand the underlying causes of your addiction. Types of addiction we can help you with include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Binge eating disorder 
  • Behavioural addictions such as porn addiction, problem gambling, exercise addiction and social media compulsions
  • Drug addiction such as to cocaine, heroin, cannabis and prescription medications

At CATCH Recovery, we understand just how much courage it takes to face your addiction. Our team of compassionate professionals offer individualised counselling sessions that are available in both in-person and online sessions, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

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by spotting the signs of addiction early, you can help your loved one find help quicker and before things get out of hand.

Spotting the Signs of an Addiction

It is important to be aware of the warning signs of addiction, in order to get help as soon as possible. Some common signs that can indicate a problem with substance use or other addictive behaviours include:

  • Changes in sleep patterns and appetite.
  • Unexplained mood changes, such as irritability, agitation or apathy.
  • Financial difficulties and/or an increase in debts due to substance abuse.
  • An inability to keep up with daily responsibilities such as work, school or home care duties.

If you suspect that you or someone close to you is suffering from an addiction, it is important to seek professional help right away. Addiction counselling can provide the opportunity to gain control and make positive changes. Our counsellors are here to provide guidance and support throughout this process, helping address underlying issues and develop better coping strategies. Moreover, our counsellors can also offer advice about the best ways of managing triggers such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms so that other aspects of your treatment can be more successful.

Types of Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling is a form of therapy which we provide in order to help you make positive changes. We utilise many methods of counselling, which can be tailored:

Face-to-Face Therapy

This type of therapy involves meeting with a counsellor in person at our London-based facilities. During these sessions, you will explore your current issues. Our therapist will help you develop tools to help you cope with your addiction. We will provide you with advice about managing triggering situations, cravings and stress during your recovery from addiction.

Online Therapy

Our online therapy offer involves using an online platform such as Skype or Zoom to connect with one of our licensed counsellors. This type of therapy can be especially beneficial if you struggle to attend in-person sessions due to work, health or travel commitments.

Individual Therapy

 This form of counselling focuses on your unique needs and experiences. Our counsellor will provide support, guidance and advice to help you overcome your addiction and develop healthier coping strategies.

Group Therapy

Group therapy takes place with a group of people who are struggling with similar issues. These group sessions provide an opportunity to share experiences, discuss challenges and learn from each other. All of our group sessions are attended by at least one staff member who guides the conversation.

If you or someone close to you is living with an addiction in Croydon, help is available. Addiction counselling can provide the opportunity to gain control over your life and make positive changes. At CATCH Recovery, our team of experienced professionals offer individualised counselling sessions that are available in both in-person and online settings. For more information about our addiction counselling services, please contact us today.

The Role of the Family Therapist in Addiction Counselling

One of our most successful therapies is Family Therapy. It is extremely useful for parents who are struggling to find the balance between their treatment and making up with their children, as well as for children who have still not made amends with their parents and grandparents when it comes to the damages their addiction may have caused to their relationships.

Unfortunately, Croydon’s statistics are dark when it comes to how many children suffer from secondhand addiction harm. Approximately 300 children were living with adults who entered treatment during 2019/20 (Croydon Observatory). This means that 300 young lives were also affected by their parent’s addiction. In addition, between 2018 and 2019, there were 120,552 alcohol-dependent adults living with children in England, about a thousand of which were in Croydon. Our family counselling is excellent to discuss and find ways to improve your child’s well-being during your recovery.

They can help with:

  • Making amends
  • Finding better-coping mechanisms
  • Recognising negative behavioural patterns
  • Replacing excuses with actions
  • Discovering the power of mutual forgiveness

With our licensed family therapists, you can be sure to find relief and successfully heal your relationships.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Evidence-based therapies are proven to be effective in treating substance use disorders. This includes therapies such as Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). These therapies are based on the latest research in psychology and neuroscience which suggests that behaviour, thoughts and emotions can be changed through targeted interventions.

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based therapy designed to help people build motivation to overcome their addictions by exploring their current circumstances and goals. It focuses on helping individuals identify their strengths, values and abilities in order to create positive changes.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is another evidence-based therapy used to treat addictions. CBT helps individuals identify patterns in their thinking and behaviour that contribute to their substance abuse. It also teaches new skills for managing cravings and urges.

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For those of you looking for counselling near Croydon, CATCH Recovery offers Motivational therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and EMDR. We are committed to providing evidence-based therapies that are backed by research. Our team of experienced therapists will work with you to create an individualised treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

How Effective Is Addiction Counselling?

Studies have shown that when combined with other forms of treatment such as medication and support groups, addiction counselling can help increase your chances of achieving long-term sobriety and reduce cravings and relapse. Additionally, it can improve interpersonal relationships and help manage stress.

These positive outcomes are due to a variety of factors including:

  • willingness to change
  • client-therapist relationship
  • our therapist’s ability to develop an individualised plan for recovery.

Through addiction counselling, you will be able to explore the underlying issues that may be contributing to your substance use disorder, gain insight into why you began using substances in the first place, and develop new strategies for managing cravings and triggers.

What to Expect from Our Addiction Therapies near Croydon

When you come to CATCH Recovery for addiction counselling near Croydon, you can expect a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. Our therapists are experienced in working with people suffering from substance use disorders and will work closely with you to develop a plan that is tailored to your personal goals and needs.

At our centre near Croydon, we offer a range of evidence-based therapies. These therapies are proven to be effective in treating addictions, as they focus on exploring the underlying causes of substance use disorder. Here are the goals of treatment we set for our therapy programme:

  • reveal the underlying causes of addiction
  • find the triggers
  • find the best ways to manage cravings through traditional and innovative methodologies
  • get rid of harmful coping mechanisms and find better, healthier ones. 
  • rediscover your voice
  • track your routines and eliminate the need for external substance support
  • change your behaviours to fit your new addiction-free life

Why Choose CATCH Recovery?

At CATCH Recovery we understand the struggles associated with overcoming an addiction and are committed to providing a supportive environment for recovery. Our experienced therapists and addiction specialists are dedicated to helping you build motivation, gain insight into your problems, and develop new strategies.

We are here for you and your loved ones, providing support throughout your time of struggle. Even if you are not yet decided on looking for help near Croydon, call our team – we can guide you during this difficult time and help you make the right decision.

Sober Companion Services

At CATCH Recovery, we understand that it can be difficult to stay motivated and remain on track with your recovery goals. To help you stay focused and keep up with your progress, we offer a dedicated sober companion service. Our experienced professionals are available to provide moral support and guidance throughout the recovery process. Sober companions can offer personalised assistance in identifying triggers, avoiding relapse and developing long-term strategies for managing sobriety.

Support Groups in Croydon

Support groups in Croydon provide a safe space for individuals recovering from addiction to share experiences and offer each other mutual support. There are several groups available, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Families Anonymous (FAMANON). These groups provide a place to discuss strategies for overcoming addiction and connect with others who understand what it’s like to struggle with addiction. CATCH Recovery’s very own group meetings are also a great opportunity to start building new, sober relationships.

  • Clean in Croydon

    London – South West Area
    Tuesday18:00 ~ 19:00
    Family Room, Change Grow Live – Croydon190 Church Road, Croydon,Greater London
    CR0 1SE

  • CGL

    190 Church Rd
    Monday 19:00-20:00
    Croydon CR0 1SE
    Surrey, UK

  • East Croydon

    United Reformed Church, Addiscombe Grove
    Monday 20:00-21:00
    Croydon CR0 1SE
    Surrey, UK

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any specialised addiction treatment centres in Croydon that focus on a particular type of addiction, such as alcohol or drugs?

While there are no specialising services we can suggest, CATCH Recovery is found just a few minutes’ drive away from Croydon and we do work with some specialists in CBT, DBT and EMDR who can help you find a way out of your addiction.

What support services are available in Croydon for individuals in recovery from addiction, such as counselling or aftercare programmes?

CATCH Recovery offers counselling and extended care for those who are ready to work through the therapy programme with us.

Are there any local initiatives or programmes in Croydon aimed at preventing addiction among young people?

There is Croydon young people’s substance misuse service, which is supported by the local county.

How can I find information on local Croydon support groups specifically tailored to the needs of individuals with addiction to prescription medications?

If you want substance-focused group therapy sessions, CATCH Recovery can arrange this for you. Just call us and we will tell you the options

Is there a specific Croydon-based organisation or helpline that assists families and friends struggling to cope with a loved one’s gambling addiction?

Gamblers Anonymous have gambling-specific fellowship meetings regularly. Please refer to their website for specific times and dates.

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