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Addiction Treatment Designed Around You

With our flexible treatment plans, you don’t have to put your life on hold to beat addiction.

Specialists in Addiction Treatment

At CATCH Recovery, we approach addiction treatment on a completely individualised basis in order to achieve the best results for our patients. For any type of therapy to be effective, it must address each patient’s needs and recovery goals. No two people are the same; so, with this in mind, we create personalised recovery plans to treat the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

Psychotherapy or talk therapy

About CATCH Recovery

At CATCH Recovery, we aim to make addiction treatment more accessible to anyone wishing to begin their journey to sobriety. We have a team of specialists who are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best quality of care during your programme in an environment that allows you to focus solely on your recovery. We provide outpatient treatment, as well as diagnostic and referral services, alongside access to our recommended continuing care scheme. Our central London clinic offers in-person and online programmes for those unable to attend face-to-face.

How It Works

Free Screening

Book a free, confidential screening with one of our professionals today. We can help you decide on the right treatment option for you.

Clinical Assessment

An in-depth assessment is carried out to determine the right level of care for you or a loved one. The assessment will take 90 minutes to complete.

Case Management

You will be assigned a dedicated therapist who will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan that works around your busy lifestyle.

Starting Treatment

Flexible treatment options both in-person and online. Our treatment programmes and therapeutic offering utilises evidence-based therapies.

Referral for Inpatient Care

If you require more intensive treatment including medical detoxification, we may refer you to one of our residential clinics first as part of your assessment.

Residential Rehab

Continuing Care

We provide continuing care for patients who do require inpatient treatment. Once you leave treatment, your outpatient programme begins.

Kim Smith, case manager at CATCH Recovery
Dominic McCann CEO
Jose Pereira, lead therapist at CATCH Recovery

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