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CATCH Recovery London provides effective online therapy for cocaine addiction. We recognize that not everyone can commit to an inpatient stay, so we bring the benefits of our treatment programme for cocaine addiction to you at home. Our online therapy sessions are flexible, confidential, and rooted in research. They offer an excellent treatment option if you think you might be struggling with your cocaine use but, for whatever reason, can’t attend a residential rehabilitation centre. 

Do I Need Help? Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction 

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people around the world. If you or someone you love is struggling with cocaine addiction, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. In this blog post, we’ll explain what cocaine addiction is, how it affects the brain, and what you can do to get help.

Warning Signs of Cocaine Addiction 

Some common warning signs of cocaine addiction include the behavioural, psychological and physical symptoms listed below. Behavioural and psychological changes are usually the first signs of early addiction. Physical changes are not generally obvious until a person has been caught up in addiction for a while. 

Behavioural Symptoms

Lying in an effort to hide your cocaine use

Going to extreme measures to score cocaine

Neglecting personal and social responsibilities and commitments

Stealing or borrowing from others to fund your addiction

Engaging in reckless activities

Isolating from friends and family

Physical Symptoms

Dramatic weight loss

Excessive sweating 

Respiratory issues if smoking

Damage to the nose if snorting 

Poor oral hygiene


Psychological Symptoms

Ongoing feelings of irritability or aggression



Am I a Cocaine Addict? 

If you can relate to some of the signs and symptoms above, you may be addicted to cocaine. However, you may find this challenging to acknowledge. You’re not alone. In addiction treatment, we call this “denial”, and it’s one of the main hallmarks of addiction.

Cocaine Addiction and Denial 

Denial is a powerful coping mechanism. It allows you to delay facing the truth about having an addiction. You are likely to be in denial if you do any of the following:

  • Keep ignoring the problems that your cocaine use causes you 
  • Minimise the issue when people express concerns about you or your cocaine use
  • Blame other people for problems that are caused by your addiction to cocaine.

Sound Familiar?

If the answer is “Yes” or even “Maybe”, you have just taken a huge step in recognising that your cocaine use may be problematic for you.

Self-Diagnosing Cocaine Addiction 

Sometimes we are more able to recognise that we have an illness or problem of any nature if we can get some sort of confirmation before asking for support. Regarding addiction, various online tools are available to help you conclude whether or not you need professional help. 

If you search online for “Cocaine addiction test” or “Am I addicted to cocaine?” you will find a host of websites inviting you to complete various questionnaires. These are all based on the medical screening tools that a GP or addiction professional would complete with you as a first step to assessing your support needs.    

You can take this quiz to help you decide if you need to speak to a professional about your cocaine use. 

When to Seek Help for Cocaine Addiction

Now is the best time to get help, even if you believe you are still in control of your drug use. Addiction is progressive like any other chronic disease, such as diabetes or cancer. If left untreated, addiction can result in irreversible damage. 

At CATCH Recovery, we recognize how challenging it can be to identify as an addict and ask for help. We’re here to make the recovery process less daunting for you. Please feel free to contact our friendly team for a relaxed chat.

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What Is Online Therapy? Can It Help Me With My Cocaine Problem? 

Online therapy for cocaine abuse, also called “online rehab”, is an effective alternative to in-person treatments. It offers the same level of quality and care, but you can access the programme without physically attending a clinic. 

At CATCH Recovery, we have an expert team of addiction therapists who specialise in a variety of proven recovery techniques. They will collaborate with you to create a bespoke online cocaine addiction treatment programme that works around your needs and schedule.  

In traditional residential rehab programmes, the physical environment of the rehabilitation centre is designed to support recovery. In the absence of this aspect of treatment, the CATCH Recovery team will tailor its approach to:

  • Help you find sobriety
  • Provide a high degree of personal attention
  • Educate you on the nature of the illness
  • Help you to build a life free from addiction.

How Does Online Therapy Differ from Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment? 

As experienced addiction professionals, we know that structure is an effective tool for addiction recovery. It helps you overcome the psychological aspects of addiction, avoid relapse, and maintain a stable life after rehab. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes provide structure but in different ways. Which type of programme you decide to attend will depend on your individual needs.

Inpatient Treatment for Cocaine Addiction 

Inpatient treatment involves staying at a residential treatment centre for the duration of your rehabilitation programme. It is the recommended line of treatment if you need intensive support, especially if you choose to undergo a detox process on the advice of a clinician.

Inpatient treatment can last anywhere from 30-90 days. During this time, you will participate in a range of therapies such as individual counselling, group work, 12-Step meetings and holistic treatments like acupuncture or yoga.

If you think you may need the additional structure that inpatient treatment provides, talk to us about our sister clinics – Castle Craig and Smaremore Castle.

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Outpatient Treatment for Cocaine Abuse

Outpatient treatment involves a tailored programme of individual counselling and support groups. Depending on your needs, you may attend once a week or several times per week. This flexible approach to may suit you if you:

  • Are unable to commit to a residential stay in rehab due to financial restraints or personal or professional commitments
  • Have a strong support network
  • Don’t require the round-the-clock care that inpatient options provide.

At CATCH Recovery, online therapy for cocaine addiction is part of our outpatient offering.

Is Online Therapy for Cocaine Addiction Effective?

We are all spending increasing amounts of time online, whether for recreational, administrative, or professional purposes. The COVID pandemic has also made us far more comfortable operating online. So for many, the growth in online support has made therapy more accessible and practical. 

Online therapy has shown to be just as effective and, in some cases, more so than in-person programmes. Of course, there are many ways to define “success”. For us, the desired outcomes of our treatment programme for you are:

  1. Completing the CATCH Recovery online rehab
  2. Finding and maintaining sobriety
  3. Continuing to stay sober as part of a continuing care plan.

Whatever your background, age, religion, gender, and sexual identification, if you are struggling with an addiction to cocaine, online therapy for cocaine addiction can help you. Our continuing care programme and 12-Step meetings of Cocaine Anonymous can aid with relapse prevention.

A Note About Commitment 

It is important to recognise that what you get from online therapy is tied to what you put into it. No addiction treatment programme can be effective without your full participation and commitment to finding and protecting your sobriety on an ongoing basis. We will do all we can to help you maintain your commitment at every stage of your recovery. 

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When is Online Rehab for Cocaine Addiction Appropriate?

At CATCH Recovery, we want everyone to receive the care they need for cocaine addiction. We are committed to creating treatment plans that facilitate this, whether that’s on an inpatient, outpatient or online basis.

Online rehab for cocaine addiction is appropriate if you would like to find freedom from the illness of addiction but cannot commit to in-person treatment. Perhaps you are living outside the UK, have work or family responsibilities that you cannot put down, or maybe residential rehab is unaffordable for you.

Whatever your reason for exploring online support options, we are here to help. You are welcome to contact us and speak to a member of our team who can tell you more about online rehab at CATCH Recovery.

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Therapy? 

The benefits and disadvantages of online therapy for cocaine addiction will be personal to you and your circumstances. 

The positives of receiving treatment for cocaine addiction online include:

  • Your programme is accessible from home or work, and wherever you are in the world (depending on time zones)
  • It is more affordable than inpatient rehab
  • You will benefit from access to leading addiction experts based in London, wherever you are in the UK or beyond
  • The treatment programme is confidential, secure, intensive and an effective way to recover from cocaine addiction without the need for group work.  

However, if life is becoming increasingly unmanageable and you are struggling to cope, inpatient treatment might better meet your recovery needs. Attending a residential rehab programme provides you with a safe environment in which you are protected from the demands and triggers of everyday life and kept safe while you find recovery.

What Happens in Online Rehab? 

Our online therapy programme for cocaine addiction comprises ten one-to-one therapy sessions. We deliver the sessions twice a week for five weeks or once a week for ten weeks, depending on what suits you. The scheduling of these sessions can be flexible to work around your routine and commitments.

We will work with you to create an individualised treatment plan which is likely to include:

  • Therapies that target the specific causes of the addiction you are struggling with and help prevent relapse
  • Clinically proven, intensive treatment that produces lasting results
  • Learning to cope more effectively with life’s ups and downs
  • Quality care from our therapeutic team, including a thorough clinical assessment to ensure that appropriate diagnoses are made and that your treatment is focused
  • A chance to build a healthy and open relationship with the therapy team based on trust
  • An introduction to 12-Step recovery.

Our therapists work with different therapeutic modalities, such as trauma-based therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). They also speak a multitude of different languages including English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

During a CATCH Recovery assessment, we will evaluate your cocaine use and medical history to create a personal programme of care and match you with a therapist who we think is best placed to help you recover.

CATCH Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Model

CATCH Recovery follows the 12-Step philosophy – an abstinence-based approach to recovery, helping clients to find freedom from addictions, manage emotions and maintain abstinence. Clients are encouraged to attend 12-Step meetings as part of their treatment to build a community of supportive individuals with direct experience of struggling with addiction and finding freedom. This provides individuals with a support network on leaving treatment and hope for a future free from addiction. 

The 12-Step treatment model is one of the most successful and recognised treatment approaches for drug and alcohol addiction in northern Europe, North America, and many other parts of the world.

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