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Residential rehab is the most intensive form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment available and typically involves staying at a clinic for the duration of your programme. While every facility is different, most rehabs are focused on abstinence, and patients can stay for four weeks to six months depending on the severity of their addiction.

Our Referral Programme

At CATCH Recovery, we are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the most appropriate and effective care tailored to their unique needs. While we are proud to offer comprehensive outpatient services, we understand that some patients may require a more intensive level of care in an inpatient setting.

Our close association with Castle Craig Hospital and Smarmore Castle allows us to facilitate seamless referrals for inpatient treatment when it’s deemed necessary. Both facilities are known for their excellence in providing in-depth, patient-focused care in a supportive and healing environment. By partnering with these top-tier inpatient clinics, we can extend our commitment to holistic, quality care.

How Does the Referral Process Work?

Assessment: Our team of professionals will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care for you.

Discussion: We will discuss the potential benefits of inpatient treatment with you and your loved ones, ensuring you are informed and comfortable with the decision.

Coordination: Once a decision has been made, our team will manage all logistical aspects of the transition, from securing a bed to arranging transportation, ensuring a smooth transfer to either Castle Craig Hospital or Smarmore Castle.

Integration: On arrival, staff at the inpatient clinic will work closely with you to help you settle into your new therapeutic environment, ensuring you feel supported from day one.

Continuing Care: We maintain open communication with our partner clinics throughout the duration of your stay. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your progress, facilitating a smooth transition back to outpatient care at CATCH Recovery if and when it becomes appropriate.

Our Inpatient Rehabs

CATCH Recovery is an outpatient treatment centre based in London, South England. It forms part of the Castle Craig Health Group, a network of highly respected and established residential rehabs in the UK and Ireland. Our residential partner clinics include:

Castle Craig, Scotland, established in 1988

Castle Craig is a leading residential rehab clinic renowned for its dedication to the holistic treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. Nestled within the tranquil setting of the Scottish countryside, Castle Craig merges evidence-based therapies with a serene environment to foster healing and lasting recovery.

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Smarmore Castle, Ireland, established in 2015

Smarmore Castle is a residential rehab facility set within the historic beauty of its namesake castle, offering a sanctuary for those on their journey to recovery. Combining traditional treatment approaches with modern therapies, Smarmore provides a unique backdrop for holistic addiction treatment.

The aim of the Castle Craig Health Group is to guide and support our patients through the full process of admission – assessments – detox – therapy – continuing care.

Who Can Benefit from Residential Rehab?

Residential or inpatient rehab offers a structured and supportive environment for patients battling addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. By providing 24/7 care in a facility away from daily triggers and stressors, residential rehab can be a transformative experience. Here’s a breakdown of who might benefit most from this form of treatment:

  • People with Severe Substance Dependencies: Those with more severe addictions may find outpatient treatment insufficient. Residential rehab offers an intensive and focused approach to treating these dependencies.
  • Those Experiencing Multiple Relapses: For individuals who’ve tried other treatments but faced relapses, residential care can provide the extra support and structure needed to maintain sobriety.
  • Individuals Needing Medical Detoxification: Detox can be challenging and potentially dangerous if done without medical supervision. Residential rehabs have the facilities and staff to safely guide patients through the detox process.
  • People with Co-occurring Disorders: Individuals struggling with both addiction and mental health issues (like depression, anxiety, or PTSD) can benefit from the integrated approach of residential programs, addressing both conditions concurrently.
  • Those Without a Stable Living Environment: For individuals who don’t have a supportive or safe home environment, residential rehab offers a sanctuary from negative influences and potential triggers.
  • Individuals Seeking Immersion: Being in a dedicated facility can help individuals fully immerse themselves in the recovery process without the distractions of daily life. This immersive environment often leads to deeper introspection and more robust recovery.
  • People Lacking a Supportive Network: Residential rehab provides a community of peers going through similar challenges, creating an invaluable support network that understands the nuances of addiction recovery.
  • Those Who Benefit from Routine: The structured schedule of residential programs – which often includes regular therapy sessions, group meetings, and wellness activities – can be particularly beneficial for those who thrive in routine-driven environments.

If you or a loved one is considering inpatient care, or if you have any questions about our referral process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your recovery journey is our utmost priority.

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What Happens in Residential Rehab?

We understand that the thought of attending a residential rehab may feel daunting. To make your transition into treatment more comfortable, our staff at CATCH Recovery are happy to answer any questions you have before you’re admitted. Similarly, the clinic you attend will do all it can to put your mind at ease on your arrival. You may be worried about the detox process, whether or not you’ll fit in, or having to open up to strangers. However, although seemingly overwhelming, it’s important to remember that you’ll be in an environment with like-minded individuals who have had similar experiences to yourself. Connecting with people who understand your situation and circumstances can be extremely beneficial to your recovery.

Assessments, Detox From Drugs & Alcohol

Before we can create a personalised treatment plan for you, we must first form an accurate diagnosis. On arrival at one of our partner clinics, you will undergo a medical assessment with the doctor, who will ask you questions about your addiction. We understand that opening up about your addiction can feel uncomfortable at first, but rest assured this information is strictly confidential and will be used to ensure you have been prescribed the correct medication. By gaining a clearer understanding of your illness, we are able to create a bespoke recovery plan, tailored to your needs. During your medical assessment, you can also expect to complete a urinalysis as well as some blood tests.

Detoxification is the next stage of the recovery journey and refers to the elimination of toxins from your body. This stage can be unpleasant depending on the severity of your addiction, as the body tries to adjust to the absence of a particular substance. A process is known as ‘withdrawal’. The medication prescribed by the clinic doctor can help to alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, and the nursing team will be on hand 24/7 to monitor and support you throughout any difficulties.

Once your detox symptoms have stabilised you will be able to join in with the therapy and activity programme, which can be quite intensive but extremely rewarding.

Why Choose Residential Rehab?

Moving away from family and work commitments and your social life will enable you to focus on your recovery. At a residential rehab, you will develop communication skills, life skills and therapeutic tools to help prevent relapse. Choosing to undergo addiction treatment at an inpatient facility allows you to be present in every moment on your journey to sobriety, instead of fixating on the responsibilities in your personal and social life.

This type of treatment is an essential component that can guarantee the success of the recovery programme. Patients can experience the following benefits:

  1. 24-Hour Monitoring by Experienced Staff: To ensure you are safe and comfortable during detox.
  2. An Opportunity to Focus On Recovery: Recovery is a process that demands time and patience. At a residential rehab, you can temporarily disconnect from daily responsibilities and social pressures. The alcohol and drug-free environment supports the therapy process.
  3. A Healing and Substance-Free Environment: Addiction may affect patients physically, mentally, and emotionally. The healing environment supports patients and helps them find the inner strength to replace addictive behaviours with healthy coping skills. Physical exercise, a healthy diet and permanent counselling, along with peaceful accommodation means that patients can recover at their own pace.
  4. A Supportive Community: Residents are surrounded by qualified specialists who use their knowledge to guide patients on their journey back to sobriety. In our facilities, patients develop positive connections with their peers who have faced similar life experiences.
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Commitment & Healing at CATCH Recovery

Recovering from addiction means more than stopping alcohol and drugs. It means developing an entirely new lifestyle and a new way of coping with stressful events and difficult emotions or thoughts. People in recovery make a lifelong commitment to stay sober even when triggers and cravings are difficult to manage.

CATCH Recovery’s referral programme ensures that the transition between outpatient and inpatient care is smooth, compassionate, and tailored to your needs. We are here to support and guide every step of the way, always prioritising the well-being and recovery journey of our patients

We also encourage patients who have completed the residential programme to continue their recovery process by attending an outpatient programme with CATCH. The outpatient treatment helps patients by easing their transition from the rehab centre routine to life at home.

Call us today to learn more about the benefits of our programmes and those of our partner clinics.

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