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Residential rehab is the most intensive form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment available, and typically involves staying at a clinic for the duration of your programme. While every facility is different, most rehabs are focused on abstinence, and patients can stay for four weeks to six months depending on the severity of their addiction.

CATCH Recovery, an outpatient treatment centre based in London, South England, is part of the Castle Craig Health Group, a network of highly respected and established residential rehabs in the UK and Ireland:

Castle Craig, Scotland, established in 1988

Smarmore Castle, Ireland, established in 2015

The aim of the Castle Craig Health Group is to guide and support our patients through the full process of admission – assessments – detox – therapy – continuing care planning – aftercare.

What Happens in Residential Rehab?

We understand that the thought of attending a residential rehab may feel daunting. To make your transition into treatment more comfortable, our staff at CATCH Recovery are happy to answer any questions you have before you’re admitted. Similarly, the clinic you attend will do all they can to put your mind at ease on your arrival. You may be worried about the detox process, whether or not you’ll fit in, or having to open up to strangers. However, although seemingly overwhelming, it’s important to remember that you’ll be in an environment with like-minded individuals who have had similar experiences to yourself. Connecting with people who understand your situation and circumstances can be extremely beneficial to your recovery.

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Assessments, Detox From Drugs & Alcohol

Before we can create a personalised treatment plan for you, we must first form an accurate diagnosis. On arrival at one of our partner clinics, you will undergo a medical assessment with the doctor, who will ask you questions about your addiction. We understand that opening up about your addiction can feel uncomfortable at first, but rest assured this information is strictly confidential and will be used to ensure you have prescribed the correct medication. By gaining a clearer understanding of your illness, we are able to create a bespoke recovery plan, tailored to your needs. During your medical assessment, you can also expect to complete a urinalysis as well as some blood tests.

Detoxification is the next stage of the recovery journey and refers to the elimination of toxins from your body. This stage can be unpleasant depending on the severity of your addiction, as the body tries to adjust to the absence of a particular substance. A process is known as ‘withdrawal’. The medication prescribed by the clinic doctor can help to alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, and the nursing team will be on hand 24/7 to monitor and support you throughout any difficulties.

Once your detox symptoms have stabilised you will be able to join in with the therapy and activity programme, which can be quite intensive but extremely rewarding.

Benefits of Residential Rehab

Moving away from family and work commitments and your social life will enable you to focus on your recovery. At a residential rehab, you will develop communication skills, life skills and therapeutic tools to help prevent relapse. Choosing to undergo addiction treatment at an inpatient facility allows you to be present in every moment on your journey to sobriety, instead of fixating on the responsibilities in your personal and social life.

This type of treatment is an essential component that can guarantee the success of the recovery programme. Patients can experience the following benefits:

  • 24-hour monitoring by experienced staff: To ensure you are safe and comfortable during detox.
  • An opportunity to focus on recovery: Recovery is a process that demands time and patience. At a residential rehab, you can temporarily disconnect from daily responsibilities and social pressures. The alcohol and drug-free environment support the therapy process.
  • A healing and substance-free environment: Addiction may affect patients physically, mentally, and emotionally. The healing environment supports patients and helps them find the inner strength to replace addictive behaviours with healthy coping skills. Physical exercise, a healthy diet and permanent counselling, along with peaceful accommodation means that patients can recover at their own pace.
  • A supportive community: Residents are surrounded by qualified specialists who use their knowledge to guide patients on their journey back to sobriety. In our facilities, patients develop positive connections with their peers who have faced similar life experiences.

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Choosing the Right Residential Rehab Centre

CATCH partners with residential rehab clinics across the UK and Ireland. Attending a residential rehab for treatment enable you to adjust to a daily schedule that involves attending various therapies and meetings or being involved in creative activities. At our partner clinics, patients receive regular nutritional meals and enjoy break times so they can rest. The structure of this routine helps each person’s healing process, for both mind and body.If you’re suffering from addiction but are having trouble choosing the right treatment centre for you, we recommend you take the following factors into account:


Before deciding on a treatment clinic’s programmes and amenities, ask if the facility is CQC accredited. Credible addiction treatment clinics always make sure to display the accreditation on their homepage or another page on their website.

Accreditation is proof that the clinic follows high-quality standards and demonstrates that the medical staff is committed to offering the best care for their patients.

Staff info

A residential treatment centre that has highly trained professionals, usually, displays info about each team member on the clinic’s website. Staff info may help patients understand what types of personnel the treatment facility employs, what credentials they have and what it is the level of their expertise.


A professional treatment clinic needs to offer both group and individual therapy, and medication-based treatment when needed. The experienced treatment centre may also provide various complementary, specialised, and experiential therapies for patients.

Admissions Call

Patients surrounded by a compassionate and caring medical team may successfully recover and heal. When calling treatment clinics to ask for information, pay attention if they answer your questions with compassion and patience. These are the key qualities that you need to notice during your interaction with the staff before choosing the residential rehab centre for your recovery. If at any point during the conversation with admissions specialists you feel dismissed or judged, continue your search. Addiction is a complex condition, and patients need support, empathy and understanding.

At CATCH Recovery, every member of our admissions team understands the challenging phase you are going through and are devoting all their efforts to helping you get the necessary support to win the addiction battle.

Commitment & Healing at CATCH Recovery

Recovering from addiction means more than stopping alcohol and drugs. It means developing an entirely new lifestyle and a new way of coping with stressful events and difficult emotions or thoughts. People in recovery make a lifelong commitment to stay sober even when triggers and cravings are difficult to manage.

At CATCH Recovery, we encourage patients who have completed the residential programme to continue their recovery process by attending an outpatient programme with CATCH. The outpatient treatment helps patients by easing their transition from the rehab centre routine to life at home. This programme can be an essential part of the healing process. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of our programmes and those of our partner clinics.

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