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Sober Companions and Sober Transport

Deciding to attend a rehabilitation clinic can be life-changing, but the practicalities of organizing your stay might be overwhelming. Sometimes simply getting yourself to treatment can prove challenging, particularly if you are travelling from overseas or newly sober.

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Whether you are a client in need, a parent, or a caring professional, you can rest assured that your safe transportation needs will be met by members of the CATCH Recovery team.

What Is Sober Transport?

Sober transport is a service that aims to create a discreet, hassle-free, low-stress journey to or from inpatient treatment, in which you are given practical and emotional support, along with encouragement without judgment. 

A sober transport service may include:

  • Packing up your home and ensuring it is secure before you leave home
  • Helping you get settled back into ‘normal life’
  • Checking your home to ensure it is free from drugs and/or alcohol
  • Accompanying you to a meeting or peer group before returning home
  • Picking up anything you need to make your journey comfortable
  • A sober companion to offer extra emotional support

Not only will this service make your transition to and from treatment as smooth as possible, but it will also give your friends and family peace of mind, and remove the need for them to be involved in any logistics.

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How Does Sober Transport Work?

When heading to treatment, you will be met wherever you are, whether that’s at home, a hotel, an airport, a prison, or a rehabilitation centre. Your sober transport professional(s) will then stay with you until settled in and feel safe at your new destination. On the way home from treatment, your team will collect you from the centre and manage your whole journey home.

Who Is Sober Transport For?

Sober transport is for anyone who is planning on entering or leaving an inpatient treatment program but they are worried to travel alone, feeling overwhelmed by the logistics, or fearing they might back out on the way there or relapse on the way home. Our sober transport service looks to remove all possible responsibilities so that you have a stress-free and safe journey.

What Are the Benefits of a Transport Service?

At CATCH Recovery we can arrange any journey that you need to make during your treatment. Our sober transport teams are fully insured and have received training to offer you the highest standard of care. The benefits of using the CATCH Recovery sober transport service include the following.


We will protect your well-being and safety throughout your journey. If you require a medical detox on arrival at treatment, depending on the length of your journey, it might not be safe for you to stop using drugs or alcohol en route, but a sober transport professional can help keep you safe.

Emotional support

If you are entering treatment, it may be that your friends and family have taken a step back and you aren’t receiving any emotional support. Our sober transportation team creates a safe space for you to share your feelings and thoughts without judgment.


Your sober transport team will remain in contact with all parties involved – concerned relatives, care managers, and/or treatment facility staff – for the duration of the service so you don’t have to.

Discretion and anonymity

Sober transportation is a discreet service and teams are bound by confidentiality. During the service, if you come across someone you know, you are free to introduce those you are with as you wish to maintain discretion and anonymity.

Experienced and trained professionals

Our sober transport teams are experienced professionals, trained to diffuse the anxiety that accompanies new sobriety. They may be in recovery and so have lived experience of entering treatment themselves.

Global service

We not only transport clients to and from treatment in the UK and Ireland. We can also accompany and deliver you safely to destinations around the world.

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What Is a Sober Companion?

For many, maintaining sobriety after treatment can be challenging. The risk of relapse at this point is quite high as being back in an environment where you engaged in substance abuse can be triggering.

A sober companion helps ease the transition from a therapeutic environment to everyday living. Depending on your wishes, your companion might move in with your for a period of time during which they will support you emotionally, and help you implement what you have learned in treatment to avoid a relapse. On average a sober companion will stay with you for about a month post-treatment but this can be extended should you wish.

Why Do I Need a Sober Companion?

Research has shown that relapse can happen post-treatment in many cases due to a lack of emotional support and loneliness. A sober companion helps prevent you from relapsing by offering you emotional, psychological, and practical care to increase your motivation to maintain your sobriety.

In many cases, a sober companion will have direct experience in getting and staying clean and/or sober. As such they are uniquely placed to identify with you, share what worked for them during the early stages of their journey, and spot the early signs of relapse. Spending time with someone who was once where you are but has maintained sobriety for a prolonged period can be a strong motivator, and show that long-term recovery is possible. 

How Can a Sober Companion Help?

Having someone to help you post-treatment can mean the difference between staying clean and sober, and relapsing. The service a sober companion offers will depend on your unique circumstances and needs. A sober companion will be guided by you and their supervising clinical team. To summarise, a sober companion can help by:

  • removing any addictive substances from your home to create a safe space to return to once you have completed treatment
  • keeping an eye on your recovery and questioning any red flag behaviour that might lead to relapse
  • encouraging you to use the recovery tools you learned in rehab to navigate any challenges that arise
  • advising on how to create healthy habits and routines from eating regularly to sleep hygiene
  • establishing a local recovery network through 12-step meetings

Sober Companions and Sober Transport at Catch Recovery

At CATCH Recovery, we can arrange a sober companion and sober transport for you. Should you wish to explore these options, please feel free to call us and we can explain both services in full.

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