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Why Have a Screening?

Working out what support is needed for you or your loved one can be a minefield, it is vital that the services you pick are matched appropriately to get the best outcomes. Having a support screening with one of our trained treatment advisors for free will give you the best insight into the right options.

This service is completely confidential and requires no commitment from you at all. The only objective is to establish the correct way to sign post you on options most suited to your specific situation.

Our free support screening service is available online in Kensington London. This is only an initial needs based screening and not a full clinical assessment where you would receive a formal diagnosis, but it will be able to inform you of the right next steps, we also offer full clinical assessments for a fee should you wish to have that too. Call now on 0203 468 6602 and book your support screening today.

What to Expect:

  • The conversation with one of our treatment advisors will take roughly 30 minutes and is completely confidential
  • Our trained and supportive advisors will ask questions designed to help us establish your situation and your needs
  • We will use this information to determine the most appropriate recommendations for your specific situation

About CATCH Recovery

Based in central London, our outpatient facility is run by a dynamic team who are always ready to provide a Professional Assessment for addictions and mental health issues of any kind.

Our experience ranges over 40 years of practice, in both Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy, during which we have perfected the 12 steps programme and continue to offer a safe and private environment for one of the best evidence-based treatments in the country.

Therapeutic Addiction Consultation

Following the free screening process, you can opt-in for an extensive addiction assessment which consists of an in-depth biopsychosocial assessment with one of our specialist addiction therapists.  This Therapeutic Addiction Consultation is a one-session service which lasts 90 minutes and will be run by a designated therapist who will recommend the best treatment option according to your needs. For more information on this service click here.

Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

It may seem impossible to gain back the time that was lost, but by gaining back your health, you can reclaim the lifestyle, relationships and status that may have been affected by your condition and create new memorable moments with your loved ones.

Addictions and mental health conditions, from mild to severe, are accompanied by a variety of specific requirements and needs, especially emotional and biological and they require both a versatile and expert approach.

Finding the right way to treat such conditions while still engaged in everyday life, can be daunting. But it’s important to know that recovery from addiction is possible, and Outpatient Therapy can help you lead a full and happy life.

Benefits of our Outpatient Programme

  • Group Therapy or counselling where participants share their experiences and emotions, learning they are not alone on their journey
  • Personal and work schedule integration – when undergoing treatment, patients have control over their recovery programme and also have the option to choose online treatment (online therapy)
  • Family Therapy – Addiction affects loved ones, not just the individual. Instead of being isolated, family and friends can help by being engaged through one’s recovery process
  • Reduced costs and a less disrupted daily life

While addiction treatment may vary according to the substance, a successful recovery programme depends on undergoing the right treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Is Outpatient Rehab Right for You?

Call Us Today to Explore Options and Find the Best Fit for You

How We Can Help

We are here when you need us and meet you where you are at.

Our core values of empathy, care, and respect for others serve as the foundation for CATCH Recovery’s treatment programs.

Addiction is complex, and no patient is the same. For this reason, our approach is thorough and holistic, and we provide a wide range of services so that any need is met.

Other Services

Sober Companion and/or Transport

An outpatient rehab programme means that patients return home following treatment. To ensure their safety and well-being, CATCH can arrange for a Sober Companion to live in with the patient for a specified time period and provide one-on-one assistance.

If you or a family member needs help getting to treatment, CATCH can also arrange transport to ensure that you or your loved one arrive safely. 


Denial is a common symptom of addiction, consequently, resistance to treatment is commonplace. When people have difficulties accepting or receiving treatment, despite desperate pleas from their loved ones, we might be asked by families to arrange an intervention.

We will connect you with an expert interventionist who will work closely with loved ones and carry out comprehensive assessments to understand the situation accurately.  An intervention will then be staged and facilitated by our assigned interventionist.

Addiction is a progressive illness, the consequences of which can be devastating. If you’re indeed in need of treatment, or someone you know is suffering, call us now on 0203 468 6602 and begin your journey to recovery.

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Some days you may feel more motivated than others, which is why we have made the process as straightforward as possible. You don’t have to wait for a referral from your GP or therapist, you can call us anytime to find out more about our outpatient programme and which course of treatment is best for you. Our experienced team will advise you of the length of packages and the costs that we offer.

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We can deliver treatment globally via our digital platforms or in person in Kensington, London

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CATCH Recovery is part of the Castle Health Group established in 1988 by Dr & Mr McCann

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