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At CATCH Recovery we want to provide you with the best possible care to set you up for long-term freedom from addiction. We believe in taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment and the importance of valuing you, an individual with unique needs, and your participation in your recovery.

As such, before treatment commences, we need to get to know you and build a comprehensive picture of you as a person. We need to understand your personal history, your family history, your medical history, the addictions you are struggling with, any co-occurring disorders that you may have, the support you may or may not be receiving, your professional life, your living conditions, and anything else that we think is important to know in order to create a care plan that is going to be effective. 

What Is a Psychiatrist Review?

When we start speaking to you and your family, we may feel it is important for you to have a CATCH Recovery psychiatrist review. This is a 60-minute assessment that can be conducted on the phone or via a video call with a consultant psychiatrist who specialises in addiction. The aim of the review is for the CATCH Recovery team to have all the information they need to keep you safe and treat you effectively during your time with us. The more you feel you can disclose, the better placed we are to help you. 

Our psychiatrist reviews are carried out by Dr Florian Kaplick. Dr Kaplick studied medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen (Germany) with additional training in England and New Zealand where he specialised in psychiatry with a special interest in psychotherapy, addictions, eating disorders, music and art therapies. Dr Kaplick is also trained in the areas of eating disorders, psychodynamic psychotherapy, behavioural psychotherapy, energy psychotherapy and progressive relaxation.

Current Presenting Problem

Firstly, we need to know how you are right now and what has brought you to CATCH Recovery. As such, one of the first things the psychiatrist will want to do is build a clear picture of the addictive substance(s) you are taking currently and your pattern of use.

This can include:

  • What addictive substances you may be using
  • Quantities of the use of the addictive substances
  • Frequency of the use of the addictive substances
  • Length of time you have been taking these substances for
  • Any addictive behaviours you are engaging in such as compulsive sexual activity, disordered eating, gambling, or high-risk behaviours.

The psychiatrist will also ask about:

  • What help you have sought previously
  • Your response to that treatment
  • Whether there have been any life events that may have contributed to the addiction such as a traumatic incident or bereavement
  • Whether there have been any crisis incidents that precipitated you to look for help such as social difficulties, or a crisis incident.

Personal History

The psychiatrist conducting the assessment will speak with you about your past which may include your health, early life, developmental milestones, memories of any family difficulties, educational achievement, occupational history, relationship history, significant life events, and hobbies or interests you might have. The psychiatrist may also want to know details about your family if you have siblings, what familial relations are like and if there is any history of psychiatric illness. 

We need to understand if there are any external stressors you might be navigating during treatment. Perhaps you don’t currently have a permanent address, are unemployed, or have other money worries such as debts and pressure from creditors. You might also be worried about pending charges against you and you have been in trouble with the law in the past. 

Previous Psychiatric Treatment

It is important for us to know if you have been previously admitted to a hospital or treatment centre due to addiction, if those admissions were under the Mental Health Act, any given diagnoses, and medications you are currently on or have been prescribed before. 

If you are taking prescription medication, for your safety the psychiatrist will need to understand if you are taking medications as prescribed, are experiencing side effects, and have any drug allergies.

Why Is a Psychiatrist Review Important?

Our team at CATCH Recovery works with a consultant psychiatrist to ensure the safety of all our clients and that those with more complex case histories or suspected dual diagnosis are given the care they need therapeutically and medically. 

The psychiatrist review usually happens before the commencement of treatment if we suspect someone might have a number of mental health concerns that need treating together. Sometimes a client will appear to be struggling or not responding during outpatient therapy care, and in this case, we might suggest a psychiatrist review during treatment.

Please note that while our therapists work with patients who have ADHD, our psychiatrists are not able to offer specific ADHD assessments or diagnoses as part of a consultation. If you would like to be assessed for ADHD, this is something we would refer to an external psychiatrist.

psychiatrist review

What Are the Desired Outcomes of the Review?

We want to know as much about you as possible so we can create a bespoke plan of care to treat all your needs and set you up for success both during and after you leave us. Your comprehensive bespoke care plan might include targeted individual therapies, group therapy, complementary therapies, family therapy, psychiatric oversight, and medication. 

The assessment also helps to identify whether outpatient therapy or an inpatient programme including medically managed detoxification is required. If you are struggling with more pronounced psychiatric disorders and developed addictions, we may recommend detox with an inpatient therapy programme to ensure your safety. CATCH Recovery can ensure a fast referral process to one of our residential clinics, Castle Craig or Smarmore Castle which specialises in inpatient residential rehab. We can organise admission for ease and continuity of care. 

The First Step

The psychiatrist review is just the first step on your journey to recovery. Full participation in the care plan that results from your psychiatrist review is key to long-term freedom from addiction. We ensure that we discuss your care plan with you in full and take time to answer any questions you might have so that you understand the diagnosis and treatment options that follow as a result of the review.

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