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CATCH Recovery London is a private addiction counselling provider with more than 20 years in the business combined. We understand the far-reaching impact of addiction on you and your loved ones. Our addiction counselling methods and the therapies we offer provide invaluable support and guidance to help you navigate this challenging journey.

We aim to help you and your loved ones heal, rebuild trust, and strengthen relationships by providing a safe and empathetic environment. Through evidence-based approaches, we work collaboratively to address the underlying causes of addiction, develop effective coping strategies, and foster open communication.

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Together, we can help you overcome the complexities of addiction, provide and learn how to use tools for lasting recovery and restore hope for a brighter future for both you and your loved ones.

Our Therapeutic Method

12-Step Therapy

We recognise the significant benefits of 12-step therapy for adults in the UK seeking recovery. By embracing the principles of self-reflection, support, and spiritual growth, this time-tested approach offers a roadmap to lasting sobriety.

Engaging in 12-step therapy provides a sense of belonging, connection, and camaraderie within a supportive community of peers who truly understand the challenges of addiction. It offers a structured framework to explore personal responsibility, make amends, and develop a strong foundation for continued growth. By incorporating this approach into counselling, we empower you to embark on a transformative journey, fostering resilience, and embracing a life free from addiction.

If you are looking for a personalised, YOU-centred therapeutic experience, then we have exactly what you want (and need). Here are some of the essential therapies that we offer as part of our treatment process:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cbt)

CBT is considered a transformative treatment method that will guide you on the path to healing from addiction. Whether you’re struggling with substance abuse, compulsive behaviours, or destructive thought patterns, CBT offers targeted solutions. During this type of talking therapy, you’ll discover practical ways to overcome cravings, manage triggers, and develop healthier coping strategies. CBT will allow you to experience relief from anxiety, depression, and destructive habits as you cultivate self-awareness, challenge negative beliefs and build resilience. CBT allows you to unlock your potential for long-term recovery, regain control over your life, and embrace a brighter future filled with hope, growth, and fulfilment.

dialectical behavioural therapy (dbt)

If you find yourself struggling with emotional dysregulation, impulsive behaviours, or difficulty managing stress, DBT offers tailored solutions. Through this therapy, you’ll develop essential skills to navigate intense emotions, enhance interpersonal effectiveness, and cultivate mindfulness. You will also witness other positive outcomes such as improved emotional regulation, healthier relationships, and a strengthened sense of self. DBT empowers you to break free from the cycle of addiction, embrace emotional well-being, and lead a fulfilling life rooted in balance, stability, and personal growth.

Trauma Therapy

Embark on a journey of healing and liberation through trauma therapy, a time-tested treatment that holds the power to break the chains of addiction. If you find yourself restricted by the lingering wounds of past trauma, haunting memories, or emotional scars that fuel your addictive struggles, trauma therapy offers a pathway to profound transformation by addressing the underlying pain. This type of therapy enables you to end the addiction cycle regain control of your life, and experience genuine emotional freedom. Witness the powerful outcomes of renewed self-worth, restored relationships, and a revitalised sense of purpose. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of your journey and help you on the path towards lasting recovery.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Experience the evidence-based benefits of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), a powerful treatment that holds the key to your healing from addiction. If you find yourself grappling with unresolved trauma, deep emotional pain, or underlying issues contributing to your addictive behaviours, EMDR offers a breakthrough solution. Through this therapy, you’ll engage in targeted processing of traumatic memories, fostering healing, and emotional resolution. Witness profound outcomes such as reduced cravings, increased self-esteem, and a restored sense of inner peace. EMDR empowers you to release the weight of past trauma and embark on a journey of lasting recovery filled with newfound resilience, self-discovery, and hope.

motivational INTERVIEWING (MI)

We frequently utilise motivational interviewing as a technique during our addiction therapy sessions. This approach aims to inspire boosting motivation and reducing feelings of uncertainty by assisting our patients in identifying their own reasons for change. This approach also equips with the necessary support and resources to make lasting positive changes.

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