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In the heart of southern England is a town called Guildford, known for its beauty, cobbled high streets and historic tourist attractions. Home to the majestic Guildford castle, Guildford town is a mix of rural and urban scenery. Unfortunately, according to a report from the Health, Integration and Commissioning Select Committee, around 3,000 persons in Surrey suffer from and seek support for alcohol and drug addictions. This has left residents to begin their quest for adequate addiction counselling near Guildford. Fortunately, we at CATCH Recovery offer a great deal of addiction counselling and therapy services to people who reside in Guildford.

  • About Guildford

    Guildford, located in the picturesque county of Surrey, is a vibrant town known for its historical significance and natural beauty. With a thriving population, Guildford offers a diverse and welcoming community for its residents. While Guildford may not have produced the specific famous individuals mentioned earlier, it has its own share of notable figures and attractions.

    Guildford boasts a rich cultural heritage and is home to notable landmarks such as Guildford Castle, a medieval fortress offering panoramic views of the town, and the Guildford Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece. The town has also attracted talented individuals over the years, contributing to its artistic and intellectual scene.

    Positioned conveniently close to London, Guildford enjoys excellent transportation connections. Guildford Railway Station provides direct access to the capital, making commuting to London and other major cities a breeze. The town is well-served by a comprehensive network of bus services, enabling easy travel within Guildford and its surrounding areas.

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To get the care and support you need it’s important to first establish whether you have an addiction and what you’re addicted to. Addictions come in many forms:

Some signs are suggestive of addictions, and if you exhibit any one of these signs, you need to seek support.


The signs of addiction include:

  • Taking excessive amounts of a substance (e.g., alcohol or drugs) or excessively carrying out a particular activity (e.g. gambling or watching pornography) with little or no remorse afterwards.
  • Feeling compulsively drawn to take a substance or to perform an activity.
  • The inability to control or resist the urge to take a substance or indulge in an addictive habit.
  • Feeling restless or uneasy when you haven’t taken a substance or engaged in certain activities.

Addictions may be linked to several factors like family disharmony, childhood trauma and abuse, pre-existing mental health conditions, death of a loved one and peer pressure.

Types of Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling is typically falls into three categories:

Private Addiction Counselling

Private addiction counselling is offered as part of a residential rehab programme. Here you enjoy full confidentiality, a calming and soothing environment free of judgement and around-the-clock care. Examinations, sessions and treatment carried out here are personalised and tailored just for you. If you’re unable to attend rehab, you can access private addiction counselling through a registered therapist working with CATCH Recovery. 

Online Addiction Counselling

Online addiction counselling is counselling that you can attend from wherever you are located. Here, you can speak with experts and receive support remotely without having to move an inch from the comfort of your home. 

NHS Addiction Counselling

NHS addiction counselling is a free government-run service provided for people suffering from addictions. Getting addiction counselling via the NHS involves lengthy procedures and long wait times to access a health expert. Also, due to the limited funding from the government and increased demand for addiction counselling services, the NHS counsellors may be unable to give you a fully personalised therapy experience with undivided attention.

The Role of the Therapist in Addiction Counselling

Addiction Therapist

We are happy to introduce our clients in the Guildford area to our local addiction therapist, Paul. Always ready to welcome you with a smile, he knows what may trouble people fighting addiction in Guildford.

Paul is highly experienced in the field, with expertise in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) and Humanistic Person Centred Therapy, among other specialities.

NHS therapy

CATCH Recovery’s Guildford-based Providers

The role of the therapist in addiction counselling is to guide you through your journey to recovery. Your therapist is tasked with the responsibility of uncovering the reason behind your addiction (such as deep-rooted trauma and past hurt or grief) that you may not even be aware of.

Also, your therapist ensures that you are given the correct diagnosis based on what you express and the symptoms you show. In persons with dual diagnosis, your therapist is there to ensure you get the best support needed for each one.

Evidence-Based Therapies near Guildford

Therapy options for addictions are tried, tested and backed with evidence which shows their effectiveness in managing addictions. These options include:

Group Therapy

This is an evidence-based therapy where a group of people suffering from addictions receive support all at once. The therapist performs psychotherapy on a group of persons going through addictions at the same time and may be done alongside individual therapy. The group therapy method shows you that you are not alone in this and that other people can relate to what you feel. It is a useful therapy tool to kickstart a positive change towards recovery.

Family Therapy

Addiction can take its toll on families and relationships and family therapy may be required as a part of the recovery process. Family therapy gives every family member a chance to gain closure on how you feel and also makes you understand how they feel about your addiction. In family counselling, strains in relationships that may have happened due to the addiction may be addressed leaving you and your family with a better and stronger bond.

Couples Therapy

As earlier stated, addiction can put a strain on interpersonal relationships including marriages and romantic relationships. In couples therapy, efforts are channelled towards improving communication between one another, addressing enabling behaviours in relationships and rebuilding trust in relationships.

How Effective is Addiction Counselling?

Addiction counselling on its own is very effective. However, how well it works for you depends on personal factors like your consistency and dedication to the counselling programme and your willingness to change.

Also, the quality of therapy provided by the therapist can determine how well you respond to the therapy. For instance, poorly executed therapy techniques may have little to no effect.

Additionally, having therapy best suited to your needs works better than having therapy that does not resonate with what you need. There are several therapy techniques which are suited for different persons in different situations. In addiction counselling, one size doesn’t fit all. Your therapist will guide and help you get the best techniques suited for you. The goal is to find a treatment plan that suits your needs perfectly.

What to Expect: Addiction Counselling in Guildford

At CATCH Recovery London, our addiction therapies near Guildford Surrey are there to support you in overcoming your addictions while you lead a healthier life with fewer worries. At CATCH Recovery, we aim to give you a better understanding of your triggers and equip you with improved coping mechanisms to help you in recovery.

Our personalised approach to therapy ensures that you get the best treatment you require for you to attain sobriety in the long term.

Why Choose CATCH Recovery: What We Promise You

At CATCH Recovery London, we are dedicated to you and your journey to recovery. We aim to provide you with all you need to take control of your life and break free from your addiction.

We offer a wide range of treatment regimens for addictions and other mental health issues that may accompany addictions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Support Groups in Guildford, Surrey

Support groups in Surrey can be an effective way to break the seemingly unending cycle of addiction. There are support groups in Guildford that can help if you are looking to connect with a sober community, an opportunity to try out your new coping strategies or just a safe place to express your feelings and share your experience. Some of these support groups include:

  • Guildford Newcomers (AA)

    Living Sober meeting

    Tuesdays from 9-10:30 pm

    Salvation Army, Woodbridge Rd,


    GU1 4QQ

  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

    Fridays from 8-9:30 pm

    Stirling Centre, St. John’s Stoke, Stoke Road,

    Guildford, Surrey,

    GU1 1HB.

  • SMART Recovery

    Tesdays from 6:30-8 pm

    15 Downing Avenue.

    Guildford, Surrey,

    GU1 4ND

About the 12-Step Method

The 12 step model of addiction therapy is a transformative approach to recovery that sees addiction as a complex disease and provides a structured protocol for recovery. Each step prompts self-reflection and brings about a positive change. These steps aim to help you gain insight into the root causes of your addiction and equip you to take responsibility for your actions. It also involves you making amends with people and emotions which you have been avoiding for a long time. The 12-step therapy is a great recovery option for anyone suffering from all kinds of addictions.

At CATCH, our sober companion services are a great resource for those looking for support to break the vicious addiction cycle. We provide a secure and safe environment which enables your sober companion to support you while you transition from struggling with addictions to becoming fully sober. A sober companion is there to support you around-the-clock while you take this step to recovery by keeping you accountable and preventing relapses from happening.

Additionally, we can offer sober transportation services which help transport you to our centre at South Kensington for therapy sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What addiction counselling services are available in Guildford?

CATCH Recovery offers sober companionship, sober transportation services and outpatient therapy for people in the area. However, our most popular counselling service in Guildford is online addiction therapy as it allows those with a busy life or who are struggling to find time to travel for their sessions a possibility to get help wherever they are.

Are there specialised addiction counsellors in Guildford who focus on specific substances or behaviours?

Yes, in fact CATCH Recovery works with specialists who practice addiction therapy in Guildford, Surrey. Contact us to learn about their portfolio and availability.

Are there support groups or community resources for addiction recovery in Guildford?

Yes, please review the section on meetings in Guildford above to learn more about the options.

Are there culturally sensitive or LGBTQ+-friendly addiction counselling services in Guildford?

CATCH Recovery is proud to be LGBTQ+ friendly and we are also able to accommodate people from all walks of life. Please reach out to us for assistance if you are struggling to find an inclusive environment to heal.

What support is available for relapse prevention in Guildford?

CATCH Recovery’s continued addiction assistance services are available alongside a multitude of local fellowship meetings, chapter meetings and more. Contact us for details.

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