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CATCH Recovery is a private outpatient clinic located in Central London, South Kensington, that specialises in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as behavioural addictions and other related mental health conditions.

We are part of an extensive network of clinics known as the Castle Health group, with an experience that stretches over 40 years. Some of our respected members are Castle Craig, Scotland and Smarmore Castle, Ireland both of which specialise in inpatient care.

As a front-runner in the tackling of addiction, we provide evidence-based treatment that includes medical detoxification, therapy and therapeutic activities, all within a comprehensive programme that follows the 12 Step Philosophy.

What We Treat

At CATCH Recovery our professional staff members are constantly engaged in furthering the recovery of our patients. We address all the necessities that accompany drug and alcohol addictions, behavioural addictions, as well as the many possible dual diagnoses like anxiety, depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Finding a Medical Detox Near Richmond

The physical symptoms caused by withdrawal from the use of drugs often require medical detoxification before stabilising treatment can begin. In Richmond, the public facilities that offer free services in this regard, do not benefit from large enough funds to provide the same quality of care as a private facility.

CATCH Recovery does not provide inpatient treatment, however, our sister clinics, Castle Craig, Scotland, and Smarmore Castle, Ireland, are fully residential and actively aid clients who require detox services, offering an alternative to the long-waiting lists of NHS funding.

Regardless of the choice of enrollment, patients who arrive at one of our clinics receive an in-depth medical consultation. The results help us better understand the nature of the illness and pave the way to a complex treatment plan, tailored to the needs of each individual.

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Addiction Therapy Near Richmond

The outpatient addiction programme at CATCH Recovery consists of several well-known therapies:

  • Individual CBT Therapy is focused on exploring unhealthy thought patterns, triggers and other underlying mental health conditions, all towards learning new and efficient coping mechanisms.
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy aids patients in handling painful emotions and developing healthy attitudes and behaviours.
  • Family Therapy Aims at repairing damaged relationships and openly addresses feelings of shame and anger so that they can be allowed to subside.
  • Group Therapy Is a place to share experiences, coping mechanisms, and relate to other people’s insights.
  • Complementary therapies such as meditation, recovery yoga and mindfulness.

CATCH Recovery’s outpatient treatment program is ready with a team of specialists that medically assess each case and then build a personalised care plan for each patient. The resulting programme will also include treatment for related mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and OCD to help our clients arrive at lifelong recovery. Every step of the process is handled with utmost care and compassion for the patients and their conditions.

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Choosing Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab

Our recommendation between inpatient and outpatient treatment is dependent on the client’s current condition and medical history.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment refers to fully residential care which is also known for having the highest recovery rates. In residential rehab, regular medical consultations result in more adaptable tailoring of the patient’s care plan and raise its efficiency.

The minim stay required for our inpatient clients is four weeks. However, based on the severity of their condition, and the pace of recovery, clients may be recommended to stay longer. Inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is an intensive endeavour that involves a strong routine of healthy activities like therapy, exercises and social activities that promote well being.

Our experienced team of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists are most efficient against the symptoms of withdrawal when they can apply a medically supervised detox – with proactive aid available 24/7. Such care promotes a firm road to sobriety which is best accessed through enrollment into a professional and welcoming inpatient facility.

Outpatient Treatment

For patients that have already gone through inpatient treatment and patients with less severe symptoms, outpatient treatment is a good option. It is also known as non-residential rehab, recommended for people with difficulties in committing to residential care.

CATCH Recovery’s outpatient facility in London is prepared with a medical team and licensed therapists to aid people who need more flexibility in their schedule, yet it is not a feasible option for people who have been suffering from addiction for a longer period.

Medical Detox

The most efficient way to a lasting recovery starts with a broad and encompassing consultation that results in a customised detoxification programme for each individual. The medical staff is involved around the clock, making sure the right doses are being adjusted properly in resonance with each patient’s response to the treatment. At Castle Craig in Scotland, the comfort of our clients undergoing medical detox is pursued with care and compassion – in a remote and natural environment that furthers recovery and breaks from the stress of the big city.

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The large 51-acre estate on which Castle Craig residential rehab is found offers a much-needed respite from the ordinary. With beautiful woodlands and heartwarming sights, patients can recover in tranquillity and focus their energy on healthy activities. For such purposes, all clients have access to the estate’s gardens and animals such as horses, pigs, Hebridean sheep and even alpacas.


Composed of highly specialised and passionate medics and therapists, our multidisciplinary teams at Smarmore Castle and Castle Craig, hold regular meetings where the complex case of each individual is studied for the creation and adjustment of a coherent treatment programme.

How Long Does Drug and Alcohol Treatment Last?

Different factors influence the duration of treating addiction, the most important being the severity of symptoms and the patient’s medical profile. If addiction is accompanied by other mental health conditions such as eating disorders, they will be addressed in the treatment programme.

Another important aspect to consider when talking about duration is the need for medically supervised detox. Detox consists of five to seven days of intensive care and, after that, there is a 28-day minimum stay in the therapeutic rehab programme.

Even though our clients are recommended to spend at least four to six weeks in our rehab programme, at CATCH Recovery London, a thorough medical assessment will provide all the relevant information required to tailor the length of the programme based on each patient’s individual needs.

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Getting to Catch From Richmond

CATCH Recovery is found in the central location of London’s South Kensington, quite close to Richmond. You may travel to CATCH:

By Car: CATCH Recovery is located in South Kensington London at about 40 min from Richmond by car or cab.

By Tube : From Richmond station both Circle and District lines take to South Kensington station which takes around 24 min.

By Bus: On bus line 190 you can arrive in about 51 min, starting from Richmond station and changing at Hammersmith or at North End Road in West Kensington for South Kensington station.

To make an appointment you may call us at 0203 468 6602, and you can reach us at 125 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4TE.

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Looking Beyond a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Richmond

Distancing oneself from trigger filled environments is a vital part of addiction recovery. To this purpose, our fully residential rehab clinics are ready to help you take this important step toward a life free from addiction.

By admittance at either Castle Craig in Scotland or Smarmore Castle in Ireland, patients from Richmond will benefit from extensive care of the highest quality both physical and emotional. Our programme of psychoeducational talks and exercises, nutritious meals and sleeping routine, is developed for making the most out of the separation from familiar surroundings.

Moreover, we put to use the natural landscape and beautiful gardens to help our clients reconnect with themselves and enjoy the perks that come with long-term sobriety.


Can I Get Funding for Drug/Alcohol Rehab in Richmond?

In particular cases, patients receive funding from their local NHS authority through a lengthy process during which admittance is not guaranteed.
If you are interested in a more detailed description of your options please contact us at CATCH Recovery London and we will help you decide what treatment is best suited for your needs.

Can I Go Through Rehab as an Outpatient?

Yes, as an outpatient facility, CATCH Recovery London is specialized in daytime service for people with less abrupt necessities in the treatment of addiction. You may reach us on the phone at 0203 468 6602, or fill in our contact form to see how we can help.

How Do I Know if I Need Rehab?

Do not wait until the worst is near before you seek professional help. Your odds of beating addiction rise significantly higher the earlier you enroll in a good addiction treatment programme.
You may have noticed your drug or alcohol abuse or one of your loved ones may have pointed it out, either way, if you are unsure whether or not you need treatment you can contact us at 0203 468 6602 or fill in our contact form.

What Are the Free Alcohol Rehab Resources in Richmond?

You may attend free AA meetings and access free addiction treatment through the local state services. We’ve prepared some options for you to explore below:

What Are the Free Drug Rehab Resources in Richmond?

Here is a comprehensive list of free drug addiction support provided by local services around Richmond

Another thing worth checking is the local peer-support groups, like Narcotics Anonymous.

How Can I Get a Fast Drug Detox in Kensington and Chelsea?

The optimum road to a firm and lasting recovery is through detoxification which is easily accessed through self-referral or private medical insurance.

If you want to learn more about detox, residential and non-residential rehab options in Richmond, do not hesitate to contact us at CATCH Recovery London. Our team of specialists is ready to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the fast admission process.

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