Jennifer is a multilingual and multicultural corporate communications specialist, bilingual in Spanish and speaks excellent French. She has a BA degree in English Language and Literature from King’s College London and a Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, which contribute to deeper communication with clients. Her previous professional career was in luxury Fashion and Beauty. 

Several years ago, Jennifer’s own recovery journey provided a keen insight into the emotional complexities involved in addiction and mental health and thus inspired a vocational and meaningful career change. She understands first-hand the level of empathy and care required when working with clients (who have ranged from 12 to 75 years of age) and offers tangible guidance using her own experiences whilst supporting them throughout their journey.

As a professional with over 6 years of expertise in Recovery Coaching, both in group and individual settings, Jennifer has gained extensive experience having worked at a young persons’ Outpatient Treatment facility in London (ages 12-19). She has gained invaluable insight into the challenges and complexities involved with various mental health disorders; ranging from substance use disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, and self-harming disorders and behaviours. She has done various charity outreach works and offers program assistance through mentoring and counselling.  Jennifer believes in building self-esteem and autonomy within her clients and implements all her skills by empowering clients so they may realise their own potential. During her career, she has also developed and delivered a series of varied and unique recovery-based workshops with the aim of inspiring and encouraging clients.