Dr. Seamus

BSc, MB, BS, MRCGP, FDSc CSAT3 (Asia Pacific)

Seamus works online for Catch Recovery London and Castle Craig as an aftercare teletherapist.

Seamus trained as a doctor at the University of London and then became a GP in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, running his own medical centres on a variety of flying stations both in the UK and abroad in conflict zones.

He developed an interest in addiction and trauma with many of his patients predominantly suffering from addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs and other compulsive behaviours around food, work, control, and co-dependence.

On retiring from the RAF in 2006 he completed a degree in Addiction Counselling at Bath University, and worked in a prison setting, delivering a 12 Step daycare programme. He has also worked with addicted health professionals in a therapeutic community, developing a 12 Step recovery programme with a CBT-based mindfulness and acceptance approach.

In the last ten years he has worked within Asia; running an intensive Addiction Outpatient Program in Hong Kong and in residential rehabs in Malaysia and Thailand as well as being a programme director at a treatment centre in Borneo.