Dr. Florian

Dr. Kaplick studied medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen (Germany) with additional training in England and New Zealand.

His postgraduate training was based at the Psychosomatic Hospital in Extertal-Lassbruch and the Department of Psychiatry of the University Hospital of Erlangen where he specialised in Psychiatry with a special interest in psychotherapy, addictions, eating disorders, and music and art therapies.

From 1996 to 1999 he worked in the Psychiatric Hospital of Engelthal (Bavaria, Germany) where he led the team for social psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as being appointed to found a new department for the treatment of drug dependence (developing a new concept of a three-month in-patient-treatment with detoxification and group psychotherapy).

Dr. Kaplick was awarded a Ph.D. from Erlangen University for his research and thesis on ‘The Use of Brain Mapping as an Automatic Tool to Evaluate EEGs in Alcohol Withdrawal’, carried out in cooperation with the Oberbergklinik Hornberg.

Dr. Kaplick is also trained in the areas of Eating Disorders, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Behavioural Psychotherapy, Energy Psychotherapy, and Progressive Relaxation.