Anthony Cummins has over 35 years of personal recovery experience and over 14 years of experience facilitating recovery support.

Reaching out for help at the age of 27 helped him turn his life around. His gratitude for this support led him to undergo training for qualifications, certification and work experience in the field of supporting, mentoring and helping people with drug, alcohol and trauma issues at different stages of their recovery.

He is best known for creating a safe place for clients to access ongoing support to maintain their recovery. He is a compassionate people-oriented individual, dedicated and has empathy, plus the integrity to build positive therapeutic relationships with the people he has supported over the years.

Anthony is an avid collector of vinyl records and creativity has always been high on his agenda in his own recovery. He is a keen football supporter and enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as hiking and travelling. In his spare time, he likes to read therapy and recovery books, attends courses and keeps informed in the field of recovery.