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CATCH Recovery London is a private rehabilitation clinic in South Kensington, founded by the family behind Castle Craig and Clouds House, two of the UK’s most respected providers of addiction treatment. CATCH offers therapeutic outpatient treatment for behavioural health concerns, such as alcohol and drug addiction and other related psychological conditions.

CATCH’s philosophy is one of compassion for those living with the illness of addiction, how it destroys lives, the difficulties those with the illness face, and how this adversely affects health, family, work and social lives.

The therapeutic programme at CATCH follows the evidence-based 12 step model as we have seen, over 40 years of practice, this to be an incredibly effective approach to treating addiction. The 12 step model helps individuals find freedom from the illness and equips them with the tools they need to live lives unencumbered by the disease.

What CATCH Treats

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, please know that you are not alone and it’s normal to feel scared and concerned.

At CATCH we treat individuals who are struggling with the illness of addiction, whether that be to alcohol, opioids, stimulants, hallucinogens, prescription medications, party drugs, or gambling, as well as dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis is a condition of suffering from addiction when it is accompanied by another mental or behavioural health concern. These concerns might be depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, ASD or personality disorders. Whatever you may be struggling with, our team of highly-skilled, trained, and experienced professionals will assess you thoroughly and tailor treatment to best suit your needs.

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Finding a Medical Detox Near Westminster

Once someone has become dependent on a drug, they may experience withdrawal syndrome when usage ends abruptly. This can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and the severity of withdrawal is dependent on a number of factors. Because withdrawal can have fatal consequences, the safest way to come off drugs is via a medical detox programme.

The free detox services provided in Westminster do not benefit from enough funding to provide the level of care needed to those who require a medical detox. NHS has long waiting lists which could prove fatal if the disease of addiction has become severe.

During an assessment, the CATCH team will advise you if detox is required. If so, they will most likely suggest the detox programme at one of our sister residential clinics, Castle Craig, Scotland or Smarmore Castle, Ireland. A medically assisted detoxification at one of these clinics means a medical team will monitor you 24/7 in an emotionally supportive environment, helping you to be as comfortable as possible during the process of withdrawal.

Addiction Therapy Near Westminster

At CATCH’s outpatient clinic in London, the team address your individual needs with personalised care plans after a thorough medical assessment. Care plans will include research-informed therapies such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a type of psychotherapy that looks to emphasise the importance of how thoughts and emotions affect behaviour. A CBT therapist will focus on how thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes relate to problematic behaviours and help individuals develop healthy coping strategies in place of those that may prove destructive;
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), a type of cognitive behavioural treatment helping individuals manage negative emotions that influence destructive behavioural patterns such as suicidal behaviour or substance abuse;
  • Group Therapy which is often included in a treatment plan along with individual therapy and meetings increases self-awareness through listening to the experiences of others in the group; and
  • Family Therapy helps those closest to the person struggling with addiction to understand the illness, how to offer the right kind of support, and the individual struggling with addiction to learn how the illness affects their loved ones.

Choosing Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab

Addiction treatment programs generally fall into one of two categories — inpatient or outpatient. While equally focused on your recovery from addiction, each type of programme has its benefits.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment will see you stay in a treatment centre for between 30-90 days depending on finances and recommendations from our care team. During inpatient treatment, you will most likely participate in a wide range of therapies such as individual counselling, group work, 12-step meetings and holistic treatments. Medical detoxes, for safety, most often happen in an inpatient setting.

Outpatient rehab

If you can’t commit to a stay in an inpatient treatment centre due to personal or professional commitments, outpatient care may be better suited to you.

Outpatient programs work well if you have a strong support network, feel confident you can stop using your drug of choice (or stay sober), and don’t require the around-the-clock care that inpatient rehabs provide. Outpatient treatments are characterised by the same services offered in inpatient rehab such as individual counselling and support groups. However, you may only attend once a week or several times per week depending on your needs and the programme.

Because outpatient rehab programmes are less intensive than inpatient programmes with fewer treatment hours each week, they tend to last much longer than inpatient treatment, frequently up to several months.

Medical Detox

Before therapeutic treatment can begin, you may need to go through a detoxification process to ensure you are mentally available for the internal work that will help you stay clean and sober. This will depend on the drugs being used and a clinical evaluation will establish the safest path to find sobriety.

Medical detox will see you receive supervision and medication to help you through the withdrawal process. This is often the best option if you are struggling with dependence on another substance which, if stopped abruptly, could lead to complications or fatalities.

The CATCH team understands the fear of stopping the use of substances but with the right help, it is possible. If you are struggling with the illness of addiction, you are much more likely to find freedom if you work with a health care team that can plan a taper schedule and manage symptoms.


Castle Craig can be found on the 51-acre estate near Edinburgh, providing you with beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, green woodlands, and a calm atmosphere in which to find healing. Here you will benefit from everything the estate has to offer from interacting with horses, alpacas, and Hebridean sheep, to exploring the gardens and natural surroundings.


The multidisciplinary teams at CATCH, Castle Craig and Smarmore Castle are made up of highly experienced, accredited therapists and medical professionals. These teams meet regularly to discuss clients, their progress and if care programmes need adjusting. Our staff are passionate about their work and many of them have found their own recovery from addiction.

How Long Does Drug & Alcohol Treatment Last?

How long your treatment for addiction lasts depends on a number of factors such as the severity of the addiction, possible underlying conditions, personal circumstances, and finances. During a comprehensive CATCH medical assessment, all factors are carefully considered. If medical detox is required, you will receive this treatment for five to seven days depending on your responses to the withdrawal. After detox, a minimum of 28 days of therapeutic treatment is recommended. To decrease the chances of relapse, the standard residential rehab stay is recommended is 4 to 6 weeks.

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Getting to CATCH From Westminster

Getting to CATCH couldn’t be easier due to our central London location. Here is how to travel to CATCH from Westminster.

By Car: If traveling by cab or car, the drive from Westminster to CATCH is about 15 mins, depending on traffic.

By Tube: The closest London Underground station to CATCH is South Kensington station which is serviced by the Piccadilly, Circle and District Lines. South Kensington station is three stops from Westminster station on the Circle and District Lines, a journey which takes around 13 mins.

On Foot: Depending on where you are in the borough, you can easily walk through the most beautiful parts of London to CATCH within 30-60 mins.

Call us on 0203 468 6602 if you want to make an appointment. You may reach us at 125 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4TE.

Looking Beyond a Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Westminster

Often clients can feel fearful of seeking treatment far from their home and routine. However, we have seen that being away from everyday triggers can mean those in residential rehab outside of the city can lead to long term sobriety.

If you feel that outpatient care isn’t quite right for you, our residential clinics, Castle Craig in Scotland or Smarmore Castle in Ireland, are safe, caring environments for you to feel at home, whilst away from your own home.

At these clinics, clients benefit from immersive physical and emotional support consisting of a combination of one-to-one and group therapy to help you understand any underlying issues that lead to developing an addiction, plus recovery meetings, complementary therapies, educational talks, and relapse prevention sessions.


Can I Get Funding for Drug/Alcohol Rehab in Westminster

Your local NHS trust can offer to fund to individuals depending on the context. Unfortunately, this does mean being part of a long assessment process and enduring waiting times, at the end of which there is no guarantee of getting the support you need.

We are happy to explain the treatment options that might be suitable, and welcome you to contact us at CATCH to have that discussion with a member of our team.

Can I Go Through Rehab as an Outpatient?

Many choose an outpatient daytime facility such as CATCH Recovery London to receive help in recovering from addiction. It usually suits less severe cases, those who aren’t so affected by triggers at home, or those who cannot afford to take a break from their everyday lives to find recovery.  To find out if outpatient care is suitable for you, one of our team at CATCH would be happy to speak with you.

How Do I Know if I Need Rehab?

If you are asking yourself if you need rehab, it may well be that you do. Due to the nature of addiction and denial being a particular feature of this illness, often individuals return to problematic use of substances despite being convinced otherwise. This can be incredibly painful for individuals to experience and families to witness.

If you are concerned about your use of drugs or alcohol, CATCH is here to help. The team would be happy to speak with you so you can better understand if rehab is right for you.

What Are the Free Addiction Resources in Westminster?

There are a number of free addiction treatment services in Westminster and it may be worth attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the area to access peer support.

Here are some free support services for drugs and alcohol in Westminster:

How Can I Get a Fast Drug Detox in Westminster?

Detox services in Westminster are available via self-referral and private insurance.

If you want to understand what your detox options in Westminster are, and if detox is required, do reach out and contact us at CATCH Recovery London. We can discuss with you a fast admission process should this be required.

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