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CATCH Recovery is a private service specialising in outpatient treatment that offers professional help for alcohol and drug addiction, behavioural addictions and other psychological issues. We are located near South Kensington, Central London and are part of Castle Health’s network of rehabs.

Among our well-established members are Castle Craig, Scotland, and Smarmore Castle, Ireland. In over 40 years of activity, CATCH Recovery has advanced in the problem of addiction with a deep understanding of comprehensive and efficient treatment plans.

For every patient admitted to one of our residential clinics, we are prepared to be the first line of support. Following a detailed assessment and evaluation, we tackle addiction with a detox programme followed by intensive therapy. Further on into our aftercare, patients will benefit from activities derived from the proven 12 Steps philosophy.

What We Treat

At CATCH Recovery our team of specialists aim to address the causes of your addiction, and treat the underlying issue, to ensure the best chances of success. Drug and alcohol addictions as well as behavioural addictions may often present with underlying mental health issues known as dual diagnosis: depression, anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Finding a Medical Detox Near Lambeth

The public free services that are available in Lambeth have limited funding and because of this, they cannot provide the highest level of support that may be needed by some patients. In addition, the long waiting lists for NHS funding can increase the waiting time further. Before the general treatment programme can start, the broad range of symptoms that accompany addiction, such as cravings and withdrawal pains, are time-sensitive and need to be addressed with highly efficient medical detox as soon as possible.

CATCH Recovery and its network of residential clinics have all the resources necessary to guide our patients through the detoxification treatment in a timely manner and promote a firm recovery. While CATCH doesn’t offer medical detox, we are prepared to receive and guide our patients through the detox program at our inpatient facilities Castle Craig, Scotland, and Smarmore Castle, Ireland.

Upon arrival, a thorough medical assessment of the immediate needs of each patient is made, followed by a more in-depth consultation. We understand the particular condition of each patient and tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to the needs of each individual.

Addiction Therapy Near Lambeth

What professional therapy at CATCH Recovery’s outpatient addiction programme consists of:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) addresses unhealthy and repetitive thought patterns as well as triggers and other mental health conditions that accompany addiction. This promotes the understanding of coping mechanisms and helps stabilize them.
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) purpose is to tackle powerful emotions the right way and guide patients towards acceptance and change-oriented behaviours.
  • Group Therapy Through these meetings patients get to share their experiences and relate to others in their search for insight and discover new coping mechanisms.
  • Family Therapy In order to heal relationships, this type of therapy promotes open communication and transparency in order to help people better handle and understand their feelings of shame, hurt, and anger.    
  • Complementary therapies that get you on your way to a happier life, recovery yoga and meditation.

At CATCH Recovery, our team of professionals are dedicated to the recovery process of our clients with great compassion and care. Each breakthrough is recognised and each step is supported toward long-term recovery. To that end, we offer a therapy programme for a wider range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and OCD, so that one problem does not trigger another.

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Choosing Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab refers to fully residential facilities where prolonged treatment is needed. At Castle Craig, Scotland, and Smarmore Castle, Ireland, such long-term treatment is offered based on the client’s medical history.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is considered the most effective form of addiction treatment. In residential rehab, patients benefit from regular medical assessments that keep track of their recovery, which is then used to personalise a high-quality care plan.

Depending on the severity of symptoms and rhythm of recovery, clients may stay at our residential clinics for a minimum of four weeks to longer.

Quality inpatient care promotes a healthy routine of timely sleep and meals, as well as therapy, exercises and recovery activities. The care plans are designed to further the efficiency of the body and mind in the fight against addiction, and to that end, the care is 24/7.

The biggest advantage of inpatient treatment is medically supervised detox for people suffering from withdrawal symptoms. At our residential rehab clinics a team of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists are actively involved around the clock in helping patients achieve a firm and steady recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is suited for people with less severe symptoms of addiction and people that have already benefited from residential care.

The type of treatment that is offered in non-residential rehab is not recommended to people who have been suffering from addiction for a long period of time, in which case an inpatient treatment programme would be much more efficient. However, for people who have difficulties committing to inpatient rehab and need to live in sober care or at home, outpatient care allows them to continue to work or travel.

Medical Detox

The detoxification part of the recovery process is supervised around the clock by our medical staff who constantly manage and adjust the right dose based on the medical consultation of each individual. In this regard, the patient’s safety and comfort are our utmost concern.

At Castle Craig in Scotland, we do our best to make the most of the natural scenery and landscape so that clients can focus on their strengths and therapeutic activities while also detaching from the noise of the city.


CATCH Recovery functions with a multidisciplinary staff of experienced and passionate professionals, each accredited în their field. In both Ireland and Scotland, at Smarmore Castle, respectively Castle Craig, our team holds regular meetings where every patient’s care is thoroughly studied for a better adjustment of the treatment – all based on the necessities of each individual.

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How Long Does Drug & Alcohol Treatment Last?

The time needed for proper recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is dependent on the severity of the issues that need to be addressed – as addiction is often accompanied by other underlying conditions such as eating disorders, sleep disorders and other mental health conditions.

One of the most time-sensitive factors is the need for medical detox where usually the minimum stay required is from between five to seven days followed by a minimum of 28-days in normal rehab. During this time the focus falls on therapy and therapeutic activities meant to strengthen the roots of life-long recovery.

After enrollment in our programme, the initially recommended stay is from four to six weeks. Yet this varies based on the medical information provided by our research and the response of the patient to the personalised treatment.

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Find Out if Outpatient Therapy Is Right for You

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How Much Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab Cost in Lambeth

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Lambeth will vary depending on the length of your treatment programme and whether you are receiving inpatient or outpatient care. Residential treatment can cost anywhere between £5,000 and £10,000 per month, though the cheapest rehab treatment can start from as little as £800 per week.

How to Get To Catch Recovery From Lambeth

By car
CATCH Recovery is situated in South Kensington London. From Lambeth, a 19 min drive is enough to arrive at CATCH Recovery.

By tube
You can arrive at South Kensington station through the Circle and District lines from Westminster station.

By bus
From Tyres Street you can take bus line 360 to South Kensington Station.

On foot
Depending on your location, you can reach CATCH Recovery in South Kensington within one hour’s walk.

For appointments, you may call us at 0203 468 6602 or reach us at 125 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4TE.

Looking Beyond a Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Lambeth

The main advantage of going to rehab away from the local environment is the much-needed distancing from the usual triggers that city life brings. Even though separation from familiar surroundings can be difficult, it is an important step in tackling the urges of addiction.

For any prospective patients from Lambeth who wishes for a prompt road to lasting sobriety, our clinics Castle Craig in Scotland or Smarmore Castle in Ireland are always ready to help and support your decision.

There are many benefits of opting for a residential stay at one of our inpatient clinics, consisting of extensive physical and emotional aid, as well as therapy, healthy food and sleep, psychoeducational conversations and exercises, all of which advance faster toward long-term recovery.

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Can I Get Funding for Drug/Alcohol Rehab in Lambeth?

In some specific cases, patients have the possibility to receive funding from their local NHS. Yet getting access to such funds often takes time during which there is no guarantee of admittance.
For a more in-depth explanation of all the options open for you, we encourage you to contact us at CATCH Recovery London.

Can I Go Through Rehab as an Outpatient?

Yes, outpatient rehab is a daytime service for people with less severe levels of addiction. You can inquire into what these levels are at CATCH Recovery London, or give us a call on 0203 468 6602. You may also fill in our contact form to see how we can aid in any way.

How Do I Know if I Need Rehab?

With certainty, your chances of recovery rise significantly if you do not wait until ‘rock bottom’ is in range. The earlier such problems are addressed the faster you can return to a healthy and full life.
There are usually two types of scenarios that people who need addiction treatment find themselves in. The first is becoming conscious of their condition and the necessity for taking action, and the second is when one or more loved ones express their own concern.
If you do not know for sure if you need professional treatment based on your behaviour we are here to help and answer any questions: You can call us on 0203 468 6602 or fill in our contact form.

Free Drug & Alcohol Resources in Lambeth

Free addiction treatment can be accessed through the local state services as well as several AA meetings. Please explore the options below:

Drug and alcohol service Lambeth: https://slam.nhs.uk/service-detail/service/drug-and-alcohol-service-lambeth-134/

Lorraine Hewitt House: http://www.lambeth-drug-alcohol.co.uk

Dash Lambeth: https://www.changegrowlive.org/integrated-sexual-health-substance-misuse-lambeth/inf

How Can I Get a Fast Drug Detox in Lambeth?

The quickest way to recovery is fast access to a proper detox facility which can be done through self-referral or through private medical insurance.

To find out more about addiction rehab treatment in Lambeth please contact us at CATCH Recovery London. Our team of specialists are qualified to answer any question you may have and facilitate a fast admission.

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