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In Clapham, there were 852 new presentations for addiction treatment. Among them, 20% were parents or adults living with children, 10% were parents not living with children, and 69% were classified as “not a parent.” Additionally, 781 adults with alcohol dependence and 459 adults with opiate dependence lived with children. These statistics highlight the diverse people seeking addiction treatment in the area, emphasising the need for targeted support for those with parental responsibilities in the Clapham community and beyond.

Addiction counselling intervenes to treat the varied repercussions of addictive behaviours, coinciding with the worldwide impact of addiction.

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Spotting the Signs of An Addiction

Knowing the symptoms of addiction is critical for quick intervention and support. Compulsions, loss of control, increasing tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, missed obligations, interpersonal difficulties, lack of interest, secrecy and dishonesty, financial troubles, and physical and mental health issues are among the symptoms.

It is critical to note that addiction frequently coexists with underlying issues such as childhood trauma, abuse, and pre-existing mental health conditions. Taking the initiative to seek treatment from professionals who can provide complete support and advice is the first step towards recovery and a more fulfilled life.

Types of Addiction Counselling

Regarding addiction counselling, we at CATCH Recovery recognise that every person is different. As a result, we provide a variety of services to meet a variety of needs. Private counselling, online sessions, and NHS programmes are among our possibilities. Each strategy has advantages and cons, allowing you to select the best fit yosituation.

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Private Addiction Counselling

Private counselling provides the advantage of one-on-one sessions with an expert therapist who can devote time to the your recovery path. This personalised support enables a more in-depth investigation of underlying issues and the formulation of tailored treatment programmes.

online therapy

Online Addiction Counselling

Online sessions are convenient and flexible because they allow people to participate in therapy from the comfort of their own homes. This method eliminates geographical limitations and provides access to people who face logistical issues or want a more discreet choice.

NHS therapy

NHS Addiction Counselling

While NHS programmes are available, there are certain limits to consider. High demand frequently results in long wait times, delaying people’s access to the aid they desperately require. Furthermore, due to limited resources, the level of specialised attention and therapy offered may be limited. Yet, NHS initiatives can still be a good place to start for people in need.

What to Expect from Addiction Counselling in Clapham

The CATCH Recovery framework includes the concepts of Connection, Acceptance, Transformation, Continuity, and Hope. We empower patients to recover long-term by integrating evidence-based therapies, holistic care, and continuing support.

Our collaboration with a network of medical professionals, psychiatrists, and support organisations ensures comprehensive care. Your physical, psychological, and emotional well-being are addressed through this multidisciplinary approach.

CATCH Recovery is a programme prioritising your needs, evidence-based treatments, and long-term support. Our therapists and clinicians are committed to assisting patients on their road to recovery. We provide the knowledge and help needed to overcome addiction and rebuild lives through our expertise and caring approach.

Support Groups in Clapham

Support groups are an important part of the rehabilitation process because they provide you with valuable support and empathy. 

The Harbour, provided by the Lambeth Drug and Alcohol Treatment Consortium, offers vital support for you in your ongoing recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Located in Lambeth, London, the Harbour provides a range of services, including assessments for treatment, advice and information on substance misuse, HIV and hepatitis testing, a sexual health clinic, specialist prescribing, and structured group work. Accessible to people aged 18 years and over with alcohol and drug addictions seeking treatment and support, the Harbour offers various forms of assistance, such as café-style drop-ins, one-to-one support, structured group work, and access to specialist prescribing services. 

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others recover from alcoholism.

NHS therapy

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  • Clapham Lunch


    Trinity House Clapham, 31-33 Bromells Rd

    Time: 13.30 

  • Clapham Common


    St Peter’s Church Hall, Clapham Manor St

    Time: 19.30

  • Clapham Manor Street Hybrid


    St Peters Church, Clapham Manor St, off Clapham High St

    Time: 19.30 

  • Abbeville Reflections


    Church of the Holy Spirit, Narbonne Ave

    Time: 19.00

Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs have become a major problem. The helpline is open from 10 a.m. to midnight.

Telephone: 0300 999 1212

  • Clapham Sunday Vibes

    London – South West Area

    Sunday14:00 ~ 15:30

    Holy Spirit Church, Narbonne Avenue, Clapham, London, Greater London

    SW4 9JU

  • Clapham Common Women’s Meeting

    London – South West Area


    Tuesday19:00 ~ 20:00

    The Choir Vestry, St. Barnabas’ Church, Clapham Common North Side

    SW4 9SW

  • Clapham Common Experience, Strength and Hope Tuesday Night

    London – South West Area


    Tuesday19:30 ~ 20:45

    Notre Dame Community Hall,1 Worsopp drive, Clapham Common

    SW4 9QU

  • Clapham

    7.30 pm

    London – South West Area


    Thursday19:30 ~ 21:00

    St Barnabas’ Church, Clapham Common North Side, Clapham Common

    SW4 9SW

Al-Anon Family Groups provide support for those affected by someone else’s drinking.  

We recognise the value of ongoing assistance during the early stages of recovery and the tremendous support provided by 12-step groups. We provide a sober companion service through our CATCH Recovery programme. This service offers additional support and accountability, assisting clients through the daily challenges of staying sober and preventing relapse. Having a sober companion during this vulnerable phase can provide important reassurance, practical direction, and emotional support, greatly increasing the odds of long-term recovery and lasting sobriety.


How do I find a suitable therapist?

It can be difficult to find a therapist specialising in addiction due to the high demand. However, organisations such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) can offer referrals and access to resources. In addition, the CATCH team can assist you in locating the appropriate therapist for your particular needs.

What is the most effective psychological treatment for addiction?

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, combining evidence-based therapies, individualised support, and ongoing care produces positive results. Private therapy, with its emphasis on individualised care and focus on the patient, frequently provides greater support and better outcomes.

How long should I attend therapy?

The duration of therapy depends on several variables, including the severity of addiction, individual progress, and personal objectives. Together with you, a therapist can develop a treatment plan that specifies the duration of therapy sessions.

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