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Addiction and Aftercare in London

When you leave residential rehab or intensive outpatient therapy, that isn’t the end of your journey. The support you receive in the weeks following rehab treatment are crucial in staying sober. In order to make sure your chance of relapse is low it is important to continue with aftercare therapy. For us at CATCH Recovery, London it is one of the essential building blocks of sustained recovery.

We offer continuing care for those returning to London from all Castle Craig and Smarmore Castle residential rehabs. Aftercare can be critical to help recovering users prevent relapse and remain on the path of sobriety. During CATCH Recovery’s London aftercare programme, the patient can attend individual or group therapy sessions to keep their recovery on track for up to two years.

What Happens After Rehab?

When you leave residential rehab your journey has only just begun. It can be a daunting experience, coming back to your home, your family and friends and work colleagues, especially when some of them may not even know you have had treatment for addiction. Relapse can happen, and it often does, but at CATCH Recovery we aim to minimise the chance of that by offering a fully integrated aftercare package that will help ensure long-lasting recovery.

CATCH Recovery in London provides individual, group, family and gender-specific therapy for patients returning from residential facilities, as an outpatient option for those that cannot go to residential, and for families to get the support they need to help their loved ones recover. The behavioural therapy provided by CATCH can help patients understand the causes of their addiction, improve their relationships, and learn healthy coping techniques.

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What Is Relapse and Why Does It Happen?

Addiction recovery is a lifetime commitment – and a lot can happen in a lifetime!

On the recovery path, people may experience a relapse back into misusing drugs and alcohol, believing that your time in rehab has cured you from the addiction. This is normal for many people to experience and should not to be seen as a failure – we firmly believe it is something to learn from and grow from. Relapse happens for many reasons – you can struggle with work issues and personal problems, such as managing responsibilities and maintaining family and workplace relationships.

Aftercare prepares anyone in recovery from an addiction to cope with these issues when they arise.

Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Relapse

Learning how to stay sober is an essential skill during the recovery process when dealing with dependency. Using special techniques to manage stress can prevent relapse. Aftercare solutions can help patients whose brain is affected by long term substance abuse. Addiction can damage both mental and physical health, and patients may need continued counselling during therapy sessions.

Local London support groups can help patients. Sharing thoughts, experiences and progress with a group that understands the challenges of addiction may have a positive impact.

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Benefits of Recovery Aftercare

The main goals of aftercare services at CATCH Recovery, London, include both medical support and educational material about addiction. Here are the goals of an aftercare programme at our clinic:

  • Build self-esteem and a smooth transition to a more meaningful sober life,
  • Identify potential drug and alcohol relapse triggers,
  • Learn coping skills to reduce the effects of cravings,
  • Develop self-help support networks to ease the social reintegration and maintain sobriety,
  • Learn techniques to manage and reduce cravings.
  • Improve self-care and self-compassion,
  • Learn stress-management techniques,
  • Re-build family relationships.

Continued Care

Our support for you continues after inpatient or outpatient treatment at CATCH Recovery, London

Our team knows that returning home and to your local community can cause fear or anxiety for people who experienced residential rehab and want to continue their recovery process.
You may associate the familiar environment of your house with the way you felt before receiving addiction treatment or with the struggle to make a living while battling addiction.

Completing an outpatient or inpatient programme is an amazing achievement that allows you to successfully detox, choose a new way of life, nurture your body, and start to identify underlying mental health problems through counselling.

Recovering patients usually are concerned with how their family and friends will react, how they will handle things at work, how to cope with triggers and cravings, how to find AA meetings and who to trust when difficulties occur.
London aftercare at CATCH Recovery can help ease all these worries and reduce the risk of relapse should you have problems coping. Our programme provides a tailored continuing care plan and all the information and support you need to return home.

If you are in the London area or South East England, contact our specialists today to learn more and begin your healthy, drug-free life.

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