How to Help Someone With a Gambling Addiction

What Is the Root Cause of Gambling Addiction? Any addiction, including gambling, creeps up on you. One minute you’re enjoying a flutter on the Grand National or putting a few quid on your football team winning the league, and the next you’re heavily in debt trying to feed a gambling addiction that is destroying your […]

The Best Books about Addiction and Recovery

Reading Books About Addiction and Recovery Reading books on recovery and addiction stories is an enjoyable pastime and a satisfying process that is good for self-discovery and for building self-esteem. It is particularly helpful for those suffering from trauma, addiction, or mood disorders, or for those who struggle to express feelings. Poetry is increasingly used […]

Is Yoga Good for Recovery for a Person With Addictions?

Addiction is a powerful and complex problem that many struggles to overcome. Yoga, with its holistic disciplines and focus on self-awareness and resilience can provide several highly effective therapies to assist recovery. Understanding individual needs and the ways that yoga can help in meeting them is an important first step. In this blog article, let […]

Do Online Addiction Meetings Work?

Early Days When Bill W met Dr. Bob in 1935, there were no personal computers or mobile phones nor any public television (though the technology had been invented). The genius of the founders of AA (and its subsequent spin-offs) was to produce a simple but very constant message of self-help through surrender, self-discovery, and spirituality […]

Can You Drive After Smoking Weed? No Absolutely Not.

The Problem Like the Eagles, a surprising number of people think it is ok to drive after taking cannabis (the ‘colitas’ in their song are said to refer to cannabis buds). They know deep down it makes you woozy but they still want to believe it’s alright. Yet, the facts are clear. Cannabis makes you drive […]

What Is Meant by ‘a Balanced Recovery’?

Balanced recovery is not something that miraculously appears – you have to make it happen. Newcomers to CATCH Recovery’s treatment programmes sometimes find the concept of balance hard to appreciate. Addicted people are drawn to extremes of behaviour where there is little room for moderation or balance of any kind in their lives before they […]

Inside the Mind of the Crypto Trader

The Mind of the Crypto Trader. Sam is a 50-something divorcee with two teenage children. He is a high achiever, capable of earning considerable sums in systems management. He is also an expert in digital technology. Sam is in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and is wise to the pitfalls that lurk along the […]

Viagra and Cocaine and the Dangers of Mixing Them

Viagra and cocaine and why you shouldn’t mix them Cocaine is a highly addictive drug derived from the plants of the South American coca plant. It’s the most commonly used stimulant in the UK; the latest data shows 2.9% of UK adults use cocaine. The UK also reports the highest levels of crack cocaine problems […]

Alcoholism and Marriage – What to Do When Your Partner’s Drinking Harms Your Marriage

What Is The Relation Between Alcoholism and Marriage? Alcoholism, and indeed most addictions, are potentially destructive to relationships, especially marriage, where betrayal of trust is particularly difficult to overcome. It is destructive in many ways besides that, however. Marriage should be undertaken responsibly, but the inherent selfishness of addiction undermines the best of intentions. Most […]