Nicci Petch is a therapist working in the field of addiction and specialises in sex and porn addiction.

She has a diploma in sex addiction counselling CPCAB accredited Level 5, a diploma in practitioner to substance misuse in addiction counselling, and a Level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling.

She has been working in residential treatment centres for addiction since 2015, working in both the private sector and government-funded centres over the years. Her experience covers a range of addiction presentations.

Over the years she noticed when working with addicts or those who struggle with compulsive behaviours, that there was an underlying condition that was not being treated – sex addiction. Nicci started working with sex addiction after noticing it being acted out underneath the substance addictions, causing immense pain and destruction for the individuals and those close to them.

She believes deeply that those who enter into recovery from sex addiction deserve the opportunity to experience intimacy with self and others coming from high esteem not shame, expressing their sexuality with great freedom and pride.