The Best Books about Addiction and Recovery

Reading Books About Addiction and Recovery Reading books on recovery and addiction stories is an enjoyable pastime and a satisfying process that is good for self-discovery and for building self-esteem. It is particularly helpful for those suffering from trauma, addiction, or mood disorders, or for those who struggle to express feelings. Poetry is increasingly used […]

Can You Drive After Smoking Weed? No Absolutely Not.

The Problem Like the Eagles, a surprising number of people think it is ok to drive after taking cannabis (the ‘colitas’ in their song are said to refer to cannabis buds). They know deep down it makes you woozy but they still want to believe it’s alright. Yet, the facts are clear. Cannabis makes you drive […]

What are the 12 Steps?

The 12 steps are a framework designed to help people who are struggling with addiction. These principles are set out to help provide the support and highlight the importance of accountability in recovery.  These steps were formed as part of Alcoholics Anonymous, which became the foundation for recovery in the 1930s. Due to its success, […]

What Are Legal Drugs?

What Are Legal Drugs and What Are Some of Them? The term ‘drugs’ is commonly associated with illicit substances, such as cocaine and heroin. However, some of the most addictive drugs aren’t illegal at all. Some are readily available over the counter while others are obtained on prescription. There is no dispute over the efficacy […]

What Are Illegal Drugs?

What Are Illegal Drugs and How Do They Affect Us? A drug is a mind-altering substance that affects neuropathways in the brain as well as the way in which the body functions. If a drug is classified as ‘illegal’ it means it is forbidden by law. Most illegal drugs are cut with other harmful chemicals, […]

Do Drugs Have an Expiration Date

The Risks of Taking Expired Medication All drugs have unique formulations which include both their active and inactive ingredients. These formulations determine how effective the medication is in treating certain diseases, conditions, and symptoms. Once a drug is developed, manufacturers determine its ‘shelf-life’, this is the length of time it will last without deteriorating. If […]

How Much Can I Drink and Drive?

How Much Can I Drink and Drive & What Is Drunk Driving? Drink driving also referred to as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious criminal offence and refers to the operation of any motorised vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol. Driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 […]