Recovery Cafes – How Successful Are They?

The first Recovery Café for people recovering from addiction and other mental health issues started in Seattle, Washington nearly twenty years ago. In the UK The Brink, Liverpool is said to be the first Recovery Café to open, in 2011. Today, both locations are still thriving. However, the recovery café movement as a whole seems […]

Is Yoga Good for Recovery for a Person With Addictions?

Addiction is a powerful and complex problem that many struggles to overcome. Yoga, with its holistic disciplines and focus on self-awareness and resilience can provide several highly effective therapies to assist recovery. Understanding individual needs and the ways that yoga can help in meeting them is an important first step. In this blog article, let […]

Do Online Addiction Meetings Work?

Early Days When Bill W met Dr. Bob in 1935, there were no personal computers or mobile phones nor any public television (though the technology had been invented). The genius of the founders of AA (and its subsequent spin-offs) was to produce a simple but very constant message of self-help through surrender, self-discovery, and spirituality […]

What Is Meant by ‘a Balanced Recovery’?

Balanced recovery is not something that miraculously appears – you have to make it happen. Newcomers to CATCH Recovery’s treatment programmes sometimes find the concept of balance hard to appreciate. Addicted people are drawn to extremes of behaviour where there is little room for moderation or balance of any kind in their lives before they […]