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Personalised Addiction Treatment at CATCH Recovery

Let Us Help You Start Your Journey to Recovery, Online or In-Person.

Professional Assessments

Our in-depth assessments review the history of your alcohol and drug use so that we can guide you towards the right level of care for your needs.

Outpatient Programme

Outpatient therapy builds a solid foundation in addiction recovery. We offer one-to-one and group therapy based on the 12 Steps and CBT.

Private Therapy

Online addiction therapy supports you from the comfort of your own home. You meet with an accredited therapist for your therapy sessions.

Recovery Coaching

Get empowered with personalised support, daily life guidance and strategic tactics to achieve your recovery goals during early sobriety.

Continuing Care

Returning home from residential rehab can be challenging but with our 24-week aftercare programme, you can continue to build a stable recovery.

Residential Rehab

Residential Rehab

Clients who need intensive medical detox and addiction rehab can be referred to one of our trusted partners for residential treatment.

Psychotherapy or talk therapy

About CATCH Recovery

At CATCH Recovery, we aim to make addiction treatment more accessible to anyone wishing to begin their journey to sobriety. We have a team of specialists who are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best quality of care during your programme in an environment that allows you to focus solely on your recovery. We provide outpatient therapy, as well as diagnostic and referral services, alongside access to our recommended continuing care scheme. Our central London clinic offers in-person therapy and online therapy services to those who are unable to attend any on-site outpatient sessions.

Specialists in Addiction Treatment

At CATCH, we approach addiction treatment on a completely individualised basis in order to achieve the best results. For any type of therapy to be effective, it must address each patient’s needs and recovery goals. No two people are the same; so, with this in mind, we create personalised recovery plans to treat the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

In addition to the exceptional range of addiction treatment services we offer at CATCH Recovery London, we also understand the importance of continuing care after an inpatient stay and how crucial it can be for maintaining long-term sobriety. Leaving a residential clinic or finishing an outpatient programme can feel overwhelming for many people. We want you to rest assured knowing that you have access to ongoing help and support through our continuing care scheme which includes individual and group therapy for patients and their families.

Kim Smith, case manager at CATCH Recovery
Dominic McCann CEO
Jose Pereira, lead therapist at CATCH Recovery

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